15.02.2013 - AIJP lends its patronage to the International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen
The well-known yearly philatelic event in Sindelfingen (Germany) has received the patronage of the AIJP.

13.02.2013 - A new edition of MICHEL’s Gulf States Catalogue
In 2005, the first edition of MICHEL’s so-called Gulf States catalogue (in English) was published.

11.02.2013 - AIJP to occupy a LONDON 2015 booth
The AIJP, the World Association of Philatelic Journalists, will be present at EUROPHILEX (London, May 2015) with its own booth.

08.02.2013 - An interesting experiment in Munich
There are still the usual sceptics that paint the definitive downfall of the stamp exhibition world as a nightmare scenario, but their view has long since become outdated.

06.02.2013 - Large collectors fair in Ettelbrück (Luxembourg)
The new Däich Hall in the Luxembourg town Ettelbrück is the place where, on 10 March, a large collectors fair will be held.

04.02.2013 - Online Philatelic Exhibition ‘Private Mail’
It’s still some time away, but the German ‘Freundenkreis’ (circle of friends) of Private Mail (PIN) will organise a digital exhibition in the fall of 2014.

01.02.2013 - Schaubek: a change in management
For a period of seven years, Stefan Lutter has been managing director of the Schaubek firm in Großlehna (Germany).

30.01.2013 - Drugstore chain ‘dm’ gives its loyal customers a treat
With the new year yet to begin, the German chain of drugstores ‘dm’ has sent a nice little gift to its loyal customers.

28.01.2013 - Exhibition ‘HAP Grieshaber’ in Nürtingen (G.): a philatelic touch
In the Kreuzkirche on Nürtingen’s Schillerplatz (G.) about 120 objects of the German artist and woodcutter HAP Grieshaber (1909-1981) are on display.

23.01.2013 - EUROPHILEX 2015: England’s next big exhibition
England’s next big stamp exhibition will be EUROPHILEX 2015, an event to be held from 13 until 16 May 2015.

21.01.2013 - German Private Post Organisation brings stamp in Braille
PostModern, a private post organisation in Germany, has issued on 15 October a stamp that provides information for blind people, in Braille.

18.01.2013 - The beloved dolls of Dr. Heinz Jaeger are for sale
Former President and current Honorary President of the German BDPh and Consilium Philatelicum has a legendary topical stamp collection about dolls.

16.01.2013 - FESOFI promotes philatelic literature in digital form
The FESOFI, the Spanish Federation of Philatelic Associations has presented a number of evaluation rules regarding digital media and publications that have been enrolled for philatelic exhibitions.

14.01.2013 - BRASILIANA 2013 is on its way!
The rules and guidelines for the international philatelic exhibition BRASILIA 2013 have been announced recently.

11.01.2013 - Farewell Otto Hornung
On 8 January of this year long-time President of the AIJP, the World Association of Philatelic Journalists and Authors, Otto Hornung died.

09.01.2013 - MICHEL supports New Jazz School Munich (G.)
For several years now, the German publishing house of Schwaneberger (famous for its MICHEL catalogues) has, on the occasion of Christmas, been supporting various social and cultural institutions and promoting projects.

07.01.2013 - „Berliner Philatelisten-Klub“ 125 years old
In about a month’s time, the “Berliner Philatelisten-Klub” in Berlin (Germany) will celebrate a special anniversary.

04.01.2013 - A new magazine for philatelic literature buffs and historians
Having published several books under the heading ‘Chronik der deutschen Philatelie’ (‘History of German Philately’), its author, Wolfgang Maassen (picture), now has set his sight on the publication of a new professional magazine.

04.01.2013 - A new magazine for philatelic literature buffs and historians
Having published several books under the heading ‘Chronik der deutschen Philatelie’ (‘History of German Philately’), its author, Wolfgang Maassen, now has put his sight on the publication of a new professional magazine.

21.12.2012 - MBE for David Beech, for services provided to philately
Only recently, David Beech has been awarded the MBE ‘for services to philately’; his name is can be found on the Birthday Honour List of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.

19.12.2012 - Dieter Michelson now a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society, London
In our days the Philatelic Society of London, which was founded in 1869, is regarded as the world’s oldest philatelic society.

17.12.2012 - MICHEL publishes ‘Philatelic Atlas of Germany’!
The German publishing house Schwaneberger Verlag of Unterschleissheim has published the third edition of its ‘Philatelic Atlas of Germany’.

14.12.2012 - Grugel Collection will be auctioned on 2 February 2013
German philatelists describe the last stamp issue of the German Empire of the 19th Century as the ‘Krone-Adler’ (‘Crowned Eagle’).

12.12.2012 - Brasiliana 2013 postponed
It was originally scheduled for 11 until 17 November 2013, but it has now been postponed: Brasiliana 2013.

10.12.2012 - MICHEL to enter the eBook era
The renowned German catalogue publisher Schwaneberger is about to expand its traditional niche of ink-to-paper publication by introducing its own e-books.

07.12.2012 - Rather pricey: gold winners on stamps
Many collectors are aware of a recent project of the English post, concerning stamps commemorating the gold winners of the recent Olympic Games.

05.12.2012 - ‘Triple 12’: Deutsche Post uses special date stamps
On the occasion of the special ‘triple 12’ date 12 December 2012, German Post has prepared six date stamps (three of them embellished with an illustration) that will be in use Berlin, Bonn and Weiden.

03.12.2012 - Auction interrupted: sabotage or formalism?
An interesting question arose on 22 November 2012 in Hamburg, when auctioneer Hans-Joachim Schwanke saw a part of his auction aborted.

30.11.2012 - German Philatelic Foundation and German Youth Philatelists: expanded cooperation
The German foundation “Deutsche Philatelie” (German Philately) has always had a soft spot for the country's philatelic youth.

28.11.2012 - MONACOPHIL 2013 invites to a worldwide literature show!
Fifty display cases and almost as many frames can be admired, about a year from now, in Monte Carlo (Monaco).

26.11.2012 - High demand for digital archive of philatelie (Germany)
Many people were surprised by the demand for a new product for collectors: the digital archive edition of the German stamp magazine ‘philatelie’.

23.11.2012 - Sieger Literature Prize awarded to Dr. Ernst Schlunegger
Those collectors who have pledged their hearts to topical stamps will certainly know the name of Ernst Schlunegger.

21.11.2012 - W h GmbH to support ‘Bücher-MICHEL’ database
After a lot of planning and intensive programming efforts, now a databank called ‘Bücher-MICHEL’ has been implemented.

19.11.2012 - Rossica 2013 in Moscow
On 27, 28 and 29 September 2013 the "First International Academic Philatelic Exhibition" will be held in Moscow.

16.11.2012 - A most welcome donation: 15,000 Euros for upcoming IPHLA exhibitions
During the festive evening and Palmarès of IPHLA 2012 in Mainz Consul Hermann Walter Sieger of Lorch (Germany, see picture) came with a special surprise.

14.11.2012 - Favourable response to the successful IPHLA 2012 exhibition in Mainz
Immediately after the last minute of the IPHLA 2012 in Mainz (Germany) expired an unstoppable stream of compliments broke loose.

12.11.2012 - Stamp album fetches an impressive 16 000 Euros!
On 3 November 2012 the auction house of Heinrich Koehler organised a philatelic literature auction in the City Hall of Mainz (Germany).

09.11.2012 - New ‘Rondel Cover’ discovered in Austria
The name of the early French collector and postal worker Theodor Rondel is kind of a household word in philately.

07.11.2012 - New features and more pages in MICHEL’s cover catalogue
The new MICHE-Briefe-Katalog, dedicated to covers and letters, offers 1.274 pages in full-colour.

05.11.2012 - Schwanke offers
This year's edition of "Special Lots", presented by the German auctioneer Hans-Joachim Schwanke of Hamburg, has the motto "Travelling time".

02.11.2012 - Sieger Prize to be awarded on 4 November
The Americans have their Pulitzer Prize, German Philately has its ‘Sieger Literatur-Preis’ (Sieger Litarature Prize).

01.11.2012 - When IPHLA opens, new issues will appear
Nearly everybody must by now be aware that IPHLA 2012 will be something very special.

31.10.2012 - A very special auction of Dr. Derichs: \'M.M.T. Dusseldorf\'
Roland Meiners, managing director of the German auction house of Dr. Derichs (Cologne/Berlin, see picture) has announced a special auction that will take place in the spring of 2013.

29.10.2012 - A World premiere: the PROMO4YOUTH competition
For the first time ever, a competition of ways and activities to promote youth philately will be held.

26.10.2012 - Stamp Collectors Club Siemens Erlangen 60 years young
The ‘Postwertzeichen-Sammler-Verein Siemens’ in Erlangen (Germany) has reached its sixtieth birthday.

25.10.2012 - AIJP: World Congress in Mainz on 3 November 2012
On 3 November 2012 about one hundred philatelic authors and journalist will meet in the German city of Mainz.

24.10.2012 - Promotional IPHLA-Auction successfully completed
Thanks to a sponsorship auction the organisers of the IPHLA 2012 exhibition in Mainz (Germany) are able to supply their budget with 8.000 Euros.

22.10.2012 - A handbook for Liechtenstein collectors
The new Liechtenstein Stamp Catalogue (2012) may be considered to be a manual for serious Liechtenstein collectors.

19.10.2012 - INDONESIA 2012 seen from the perspective of literature exhibitors
Eighty entries from literature exhibitors from around the world were on display during the World Philatelic Expo INDONESIA 2012 (18 to 24 June 2012).

17.10.2012 - Not just stamps, but also philatelic literature…
Philatelic items that are rare and are on offer only sporadically are without doubt in high demand.

15.10.2012 - Auction offers stamp art by Janota-Bzowski
Elisabeth von Janota-Bzowski (1912-2012) was one of the truly great German artists proficient in the "art of the small format".

12.10.2012 - In memoriam Götz Schneider
After a short illness the well-known German philatelist, exhibitor and juror Götz Schneider of Karlsruhe has died on 27 September 2012.

08.10.2012 - First Russian QR-coded postage stamp thanks to Sotchi 2014
On the occasion of the Olympic Winter Games of 2014 (Sotchi 2014) Russia has issued an innovative, QR-coded postage stamp.

28.09.2012 - FIP assets: about 1.8 million Swiss Francs
The International Federation for Philately (FIP) has a curious way of dealing with money.

26.09.2012 - Koehler Auctions once again firmly in German hands!
The news hit like a bomb, suddenly and unexpectedly.

24.09.2012 - ‘Audrey Hepburn’: sold for 73,000 Euros!
The 11th Auction of Schlegel Berlin offered a wide range of philatelic material.

21.09.2012 - 23rd Edition of the IBM in Essen (Germany)
On 2, 3 and 4 May 2013 the 23rd edition of the International Stamp Fair (IBM) in Essen (Germany) will be held.

19.09.2012 - Beware: things might get crowded at IPHLA 2012 in Mainz (Germany)
Will IPHLA 2012 in Mainz (Germany) become a victim of its own success?

17.09.2012 - Postal delivery in Germany: differences between expectations and reality
At the moment, Deutsche Post AG is looking for ways to increase the standard postage rate from 55 cents to 60 cents.

15.09.2012 - ROSSICA 2013 in Moscow
On 27, 28 and 29 September 2013 the international philatelic exhibition ROSSICA 2013 will take place.

13.09.2012 - No need for Europeans to hide!
The European world of philatelie has no reason to hide itself behind Asia or other continents.

11.09.2012 - Visitors from all around the world about to visit IPHLA 2012 in Mainz!
An International Philatelic Literature Exhibition not only attracts bibliophile collectors or authors from around the world.

09.09.2012 - Stamp Fair Berlin: Frederick the Great in the spotlights
A colourful bouquet of interesting exhibits: that’s what the upcoming Briefmarkenmesse Berlin has in store for philatelists.

07.09.2012 - Special hand stamp to celebrate ancient German horse market
The Bietigheim Horse Market is a well-known supra-regional beer festival in Bietigheim-Bissingen.

05.09.2012 - Study Group GfG commemorates Olympic drama
From 26 August until 11 September 1972 the XX. Olympic Summer Games took place in Germany.

03.09.2012 - Heinrich Koehler presents special Philatelic Literature Auction Catalogue
Heinrich Koehlers 352nd Auction (3 November 2012, during IPHLA in Mainz) goes accompanied by a special and impressive auction catalogue.

30.08.2012 - San Marino: ‘ Terre Emilia ’ Souvenir Sheet
Today, 30 August, San Marino brings out a special postage stamp issue.

28.08.2012 - Philately: Quo Vadis?
The German Association of Philatelic Organisations of Hesse, Rhein-Main-Nahe, tries to realise a reorientation in our difficult times.

26.08.2012 - Annual Report of the AIJP President
According to the statuts the annual report of the president is herewith published.

25.08.2012 - 30th International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen
The International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen will, like before, stand under the patronage of the AIJP.

24.08.2012 - Stamp Day and a special stamp fair to be held in Kiel (Germany)
In the German town of Kiel, on Saturday 6 October 2012, the traditional Stamp Day will be held.

22.08.2012 - Dissatisfaction amongst Austrian collectors
The famous question "Quo Vadis?" has been put to a number of Austrian stamp collectors.

20.08.2012 - Chicagopex: prospectus available
On 16, 17 and 18 November 2012 Chicagopex will be held in Itasca, Illinois.

18.08.2012 - American forerunner sells for U$ 333.500
On June 26, Siegel Auction Galleries held their annual rarities sale in New York.

16.08.2012 - THAILAND 2013 deadline approaches very fast!
The deadline for THAILAND 2013 (to be held from 2 until 14 August 2013) is approaching very fast: it expires on 15 October 2012.

14.08.2012 - IPHLA’s Program of Events now online!
On 2 November 2012, IPHLA 2012 will open its the doors.

12.08.2012 - Railway line Frankfurt/Oder-Seelow-Letschin now 135 years old
Exactly 135 years ago, the rail connection between the German towns of Eberswalde and Frankfurt/Oder was completed.

10.08.2012 - Palmarès and festive evening during IPHLA 2012
Any international exhibition will regard the so-called Palmarès dinner as the official peak of the event, especially for its exhibitors.

08.08.2012 - IPHLA’s Cabinet Of Curiosities: ‘secrets’ revealed
When IPHLA 2012 opens its gates, what will be on display in the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’?

06.08.2012 - Philatelic Academy of Bavaria hosts ‘MICHEL Seminar’
The Philatelic Academy of Bavaria will host for the first time a seminar for stamp collectors that rely on the services of the various MICHEL stamp catalogues.

04.08.2012 - German Rotary Studygroup about to dissolve
The German Study Group Rotary International will be dissolved at the end of 2012.

02.08.2012 - IPHLA 2012: Philatelic literature captured in a unique catalogue!
There are early, important bibliographies about philatelic literature in the German language, edited by people like Victor Suppantschitsch or Max Ton.

31.07.2012 - A challenge for topical collectors
The Dutch federation of philatelic associations, KNBF, will start a new course this fall.

27.07.2012 - A wealth of information on a simple USB-stick
The German Liechtenstein Study Group is one of the more notable clubs to offer information in the form of PDF files.

25.07.2012 - Special hand stamps for IPHLA 2012
The first drafts for the special IPHLA 2012 hand stamps are now known.

21.07.2012 - Auctioneer Schwanke closes a loophole
The postal stationary of Hamburg has only been described in a long paragraph that can be found in the famous ‘Kohl Handbuch’.

19.07.2012 - Carl Heinz Schulz has died
Carl Heinz Schulz, Honorary President of the Federation of German Stamp Dealers (APHV), has died on Sunday 15 July.

17.07.2012 - MICHEL Catalogues: a new threesome
Three new MICHEL catalogues have been published on 6 July 2012.

15.07.2012 - Hans W. Hohenester presides the Philatelic Academy of Bavaria
On 23 June Hans W. Hohenester (s. picture) was elected unanimously as President of the Philatelic Academy of Bavaria.

13.07.2012 - IPHLA Mainz 2012: exhibit information available on-line
IPHLA 2012 presents a novelty never before to be seen at international exhibitions.

11.07.2012 - Werner Rühling about to retire
With entrance from 31 July of this year Werner Rühling, manager of the German stamp publication Briefmarken Spiegel and also CEO of Philapress Zeitschriften und Medien GmbH & Co. KG, will retire from both functions for age reasons.

09.07.2012 - MICHEL introduces its new homepage
Navigating the site of the famous MICHEL catalogues is now even easier than before.

07.07.2012 - Philatelic research: in the future much easier
Almost 125 years ago. the then president of the American Philatelic Association, John K. Tiffany, wrote a letter to the Secretary of what would become the Royal Philatelic Society of London.

05.07.2012 - Personalised ‘Lüneburg’ stamp on the occasion of the 2012 ‘Hansetag’
From 28 June until 1 July, the 32th edition of the International Hanseatic Days has been held on the market place of the German town of Lüneburg.

03.07.2012 - Liechtenstein Post refreshes its website
Since April, the postal administration of Liechtenstein with has carried out a complete overhaul of its website, which can be found at

01.07.2012 - Jury of IPHLA 2012 has been appointed!
The Bund Deutscher Philatelisten (the official organizer of the International Philatelic Literature Exhibition IPHLA 2012 in Mainz) has appointed an excellent international jury.

03.06.2012 - New Website online!
Everybody who surfs to will immedeately realize the website relaunch. Unfortuneatly not all areas work as expected.

21.05.2012 - EXPHIMO 2012 in Mondorf (Luxembourg)
During the Pentecost weekend, on 26, 27 and 28 May 2012, the 54th Edition of the traditional EXPHIMO exhibition in Luxembourg takes place.

15.05.2012 - Iceland Post hosts new website
The postal administration of Iceland was among the first to maintain a website especially aimed at those interested in stamps and philately. Only the USPS (United States) and Canada Post were

13.05.2012 - Monety Expo Warsaw
Erich Modes, the well-known organiser of the numismatic NUMISMATA Fairs, has announced that he will, in collaboration with the Polish coin dealer Biuro Numizmatyczne Sp., organise Warzaw’s