01.02.2007 - AIJP lends its patronage to Philatelia and MünzExpo
In future, the International Association of Philatelic Journalists (AIJP) and Koelnmesse Expositions Ltd will work closely together. This will be for the benefit of the Philatelia and MünzExpo event,

12.12.2006 - AIJP Members at Monacophil 2006: manifold activities
Monacophil 2006 has been held during the last days of November and the first days of December 2006. The exhibition attracted not only numerous visitors from all over the world, but also an impressive

12.12.2006 - Patronage of the AIJP for IBRA ´ 09
IBRA ´ 09 is an international philatelic exhibition that will take place from 6 to 10 May 2009 on the premises of the Messe Essen (Germany). The exhibition runs parallel to the Internationale

12.12.2006 - AIJP Site offers pages in Spanish!
Since November 2006, individual web pages of the AIJP’s homepage have been translated in Spanish. Thanks to the good work of AIJP member Günter Pilz, who was responsible for the translation, the web

12.12.2006 - A new book series: Edition d’Or
On December 1st 2006, AIJP President Wolfgang Maassen directed a press conference in Monte Carlo. With over 80 participants the conference can be considered to be very well visited. During the

12.12.2006 - Hans Hohenester elected as President of Ascat
On November 30th, during Monacophil 2006, the managing director of the Schwaneberger publishing house, Hans Hohenester, was elected as President of the International Association of Publishers of

04.12.2006 - A successful AIJP-meeting in Dubai
AIJP has been an active participant at major International Exhibitions, “Dubai 06” the 19th Asian International Stamp Exhibition was no exception. A meeting of AIJP was conducted on November 14,

29.11.2006 - in memoriam Kenneth Chapman
It is sad to report that Kenneth Chapman died peacefully 27th of November, 2006 at the age of 96.

He was probably best known as Editor of "Stamp Collecting Weekly" from 1951 to 1977. He had a

22.11.2006 - WADP Meeting in Brussels Focuses on the Promotion of Young Philatelists
AIJP President Wolfgang Maassen seized the opportunity to take part in a meeting held by the World Association for the Development of Philately on 17th November 2006 during the BELGICA in Brussels.

22.11.2006 - Connecting People
With this widely known slogan, AIJP President Wolfgang Maassen expressed his thanks for the invitation to the IFSDA’s annual meeting in Brussels, which took place during the BELGICA 2006 Exhibition

22.11.2006 - IFSDA Handbook 2006 for AIJP Members
Lars Boes, former President of the International Federation of Stamp Dealers Associations, and his executive committee presented the AIJP with the new IFSDA Handbook 2006 – a welcome gift to

19.11.2006 - Awards for AIJP Members at German-Austrian Philatelists Day in Bad Reichenhall
More than half of the prizes awarded in October 2006 at the German Philatelists Day in Bad Reichenhall went to members of the AIJP. Michael Adler received the Great Gold Medal of the BDPh, which has

19.11.2006 - AIJP Members Are Committed Writers!
On the occasion of the Philatelists’ Day in Bad Reichenhall, AIJP members took the opportunity to present their latest philatelic works during a literary event organized by Consilium Philatelicum.

19.11.2006 - “philatelie” Awarded Vermeil in Malaga!
For the first time in many years “philatelie”, the official journal of the German Philatelists’ Association and partner of the AIJP, took part in an international competition during a FIP World

19.11.2006 - Successful Presentation of the AIJP in Sindelfingen: Many New Members
Activity pays off! About ten new members found their way into the AIJP during the 24th International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen in late October 2006:

Dr. Eckart Bergmann: For many years,

03.11.2006 - New books - written by members of the AIJP
Wolfgang Maassen (editor): Enthusiasm at the border to excess. The phenomenon Erich Stenger.

Erich Stenger (1873-1957), professor for scientific photography in Berlin, was known as one

03.11.2006 - New books - written by members of the AIJP
Wolfgang Maassen: Ludwig Hesshaimer – Light and dark, love and passion for art and philately

Ludwig Hesshaimer (1872-1956), a born German Saxon in Rumania, in his time was well-known as

17.10.2006 - New AIJP Bulletin: a goldmine for literature lovers
In the recently published edition 2006/3 of the AIJP Bulletin – with its more than 100 pages another bumper issue! – a number of issues are discussed, mainly about the production, maintenance and

17.10.2006 - Long term planning 2007
Now that 2006 is nearing its end, many editors will be busy planning their 2007 issues. For anyone who likes to take advantage of the fact that next year a number of jubilees with regard to first

17.10.2006 - Succesful presentation of the AIJP during SBERATEL
Many collectors are aware of the existence of SBERATEL, the international philatelic fair that takes place every year in the Czech Republic’s capital Prague. In 2006, the fair was held on15,

14.09.2006 - AIJP-Homepage: in future also in Italian and Spanish
Nicola Burdiat (Italy) and Günter Pilz (Guatemala) have made it possible: the AIJP is now in the possession of the main part of Italian and Spanish texts that can be used for AIJP’s website,

14.09.2006 - The AIJP supporting the BDPh’s ‘Collectors’ Compass’
October 7 of this year will be an important date: on this day Franz-Karl Lindner, Vice-President of the official German league of stamp collector’s associations (BDPh), will be present in Bad

14.09.2006 - AIJP’s Agenda for the Autumn of 2006
This autumn, the AIJP, the world-association of philatelic authors and journalists, will be organizing three important meetings. Members are welcome to attend these meetings and the same goes for all

14.09.2006 - A genuine goldmine of nearly 350 pages
In the middle of October 2006, the latest issue of the AIJP Bulletin will be published, this time containing over 100 pages, each one of them filled to the brim with useful information for philatelic

13.08.2006 - Collaboration between PWO and AIJP

To the President of the Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques (AIJP)

Mr. Wolfgang Maassen



15.07.2006 - 40th anniversary of the Union of the Italian Philatelic Press (USFI)
The foundation congress of an italian association of journalists, authors, and publishers in the field of philately took place in Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, May 8th of 1966. Since then, it has been

15.07.2006 - A First Class Philatelic Bibliography
During the last years, Brian Birch from England became quite famous. His name stands for contributions about the history of philately as well as for a unique bibliography, the global “Who is who in

15.07.2006 - Success of the consortium regional stamp imprint SBZ 1948 e.V.
The newsletters of the consortium were entered into the contest in the World Exhibition WASHINGTON 2006 with the number L219 and – against strong competition – won silver. We want to congratulate our

15.07.2006 - Success of the WASHINGTON 2006 and its catalogue with minor blemishes
The show is over, the heroes have returned to their everyday lives. For all participants it has been a magnificent exhibition which they will bear in mind for a long time. Whatever there was – the

15.07.2006 - AIJP meeting in autumn 2006
In the coming autumn, the AIJP will offer their members the opportunity to meet personally. First invitations are out already. During the International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen, a meeting will take

11.06.2006 - The Great Philatelic Fraud (part 2)
Potential investors were offered high returns from the purchase and management of a stamp fund, which was apparently made up of overvalued – or even fake – stamps and whose returns were financed with

11.06.2006 - International associations promote a higher degree of information for collectors!
The problem is well-known: The number of „special issue stamps“, which are illegally produced and distributed via the internet, is growing, the number of forgeries that harm the post is rising

10.06.2006 - THE GREAT PHILATELIC FRAUD (part 1)
In the April 24, 2006 issue of Barron’s, published every Monday by Dow Jones, the publisher of The Wall Street Journal, and Far Eastern Economic Review, Neil A Martin wrote an investigative report on

10.06.2006 - IBRA 2009: Europe visits Essen!
The last but one day of another successful International Stamp Fair in Essen, May 5 2006, brought the decision. Ten years after the great IBRA 99 in Nuremberg, the Alliance of German Philatelists

20.04.2006 - The AIJP present at the Brievenbeurs in Gouda
For the first time in its history, the AIJP has officially been present at the Brievenbeurs in Gouda (The Netherlands). The Brievenbeurs is an international fair that is especially aimed at

03.04.2006 - ‘Filatelie’: New partner of the AIJP
Nearly every Dutch philatelist knows of the existence of Holland’s oldest independent stamp monthly, ‘Filatelie’ (full title: ‘Nederlandsch Maandblad voor Philatelie’). With a history of over eighty

03.04.2006 - Epriso determines market prices for postage stamps – free, for AIJP members!
The acronym ‘epriso’ stands for a sophisticated research system that – via the internet - can be used to determine the value of collector’s items like stamps, coins and other objects. The system

03.04.2006 - Invitation for the World Congress of the AIJP on May 6th 2006, Essen
Every year or every other year, the so-called Yearly Congress of the Association of International Philatelic Journalists (AIJP) takes place. When choosing a location, the AIJP always tries to select

03.04.2006 - Promotion for the AIJP – please join in!
Every member of the AIJP can help to make others around the world aware of the existence of the AIJP. One way to do this is to make use of special promotion stickers that can be fixed to

25.03.2006 - AIJP Handbook 2007
The AIJP has decided not to publish a new printed edition of its extensive member list. Production costs would be too high for a publication including additional information for AIJP members besides

20.03.2006 - AIJP and Philatelic Webmasters Organization (PWO)
The AIJP, which maintains good connections with the Philatelic Webmasters Organization, thinks it absolutely necessary to better support the needs of authors involved in digital publishing. At

18.03.2006 - AIJP at the “Brievenbeurs” Stamp Fair in Gouda, Netherlands!
From 14 to 15 April 2006 the “Brievenbeurs” Stamp Fair will take place in Gouda again, a Dutch town between Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. More than 35 dealers from Germany and abroad offer a

16.03.2006 - AIJP Presents New Promo Stickers
The World Association of Philatelic Journalists presents itself to the interested public via new promotional stickers: They are available for free in English and German and feature the AIJP’S

14.03.2006 - AIJP Project: World Associations of Philately Meet
The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has a section called WADP, the World Association for the Development of Philately. Here, experts focus on the worldwide development of philately. Members are the

12.03.2006 - 16th International Stamp Fair in Essen: Wide Range of International Offers
The 16th International Stamp Fair in Essen (4 – 6 May 2006) celebrates a special anniversary this year. In 2006, it will take place for the 30st time! The world’s oldest trade fair of this stature

12.03.2006 - AIJP World Congress in Essen
Preparations for the 2006 annual congress of the World Association of Philatelic Journalists, the AIJP, are in full swing. The congress will take place on Saturday, 6 May from 10:30 to 1 p.m. in

10.03.2006 - AIJP Gets Its Own Stamp!
From April 2006 the Austrian Post Office will offer a new personalized stamp promoting the World Association of Philatelic Journalists (AIJP). The stamp featuring the new AIJP logo is available

14.02.2006 - AIJP Board Meeting in Vienna
The members of the Board of the AIJP meet about three to four times a year. Usually, they combine these meetings with their respective visits to international or national exhibitions and stamp fairs

12.02.2006 - The AIJP intensifies its international contacts
In October 2006, the AIJP participated in a special meeting in Berne that had been organised by the World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP). Other participants were representing

04.02.2006 - FEPA Award 2005
In 2002 the Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA) decided to establish a special award for persons and institutions that have excelled in the field of philately – including philatelic

02.02.2006 - AIJP-Bulletin 1/2006: chock-full of information
With its 134 pages, the latest edition of AIJP Bulletin (1/2006) may be considered to be book rather than a bulletin. The publication contains a wealth of information, offers a lot of advice and

31.01.2006 - The AIJP continues its success-course
In 2005, the AIJP did fare very well and the same seems to go for the new year 2006. In January alone, eleven people applied for the membership, seven of them from outside of Germany. ‘This is

26.01.2006 - New Newsletters for partners available
There are newsletters (enquiery-material, text-files and pictures) available for partners of the AIJP that contain interesting

22.01.2006 - 413,591 Hits in One Year on a Philatelic Site
Early in 1999, Les Winick – member of the AIJP and an international wellknown author and journalist – had an idea for

16.01.2006 - AIJP advocates for digital publishing!
At the ESPANA 2006 in Malaga websites are still going to be a component of the literature-exhibition class. The LIPSIA 2007,

14.01.2006 - Michael Adler: A new member of the AIJP
Michael Adler, Forchheim/Germany, widely known, is a new member of the AIJP. Adler, who was president of the Federation of German Philatelist for ten years,

10.01.2006 - 100 Years of Zumstein – A brochure worth reading
“A reference in philately for one century” is the subtitle of a brochure worth reading in which the manager of the Fa. Zumstein & Cie.,

05.01.2006 - New International Stamp-Exhibitions in sight
Two new exhibitions in Europe are planed. They will find worldwide attention for the special reason that they are connecting

19.12.2005 - "Die Briefmarke" – new Partner of the AIJP
The well-known philatelic magazine "Die Briefmarke", edited by the Austrian Federation of Philatelic Societies, is a figurehead of

14.12.2005 - Leuchtturm Albenverlag (DNK-Katalog): Partner of The AIJP
Another renowned firm joins the AIJP as a partner. With entrance of January 1, 2006, Leuchtturm Albenverlag, well-known for its stamp albums, but also

12.12.2005 - Gold plus special prize for MICHEL´s Deutschland-Spezial-Katalog
Last October one of the highest decorations that a publication can receive in the literature-class has been awarded to the MICHEL publishing house.

09.12.2005 - "Stiftung" Becomes Sponsor of the AIJP!
Since 1966, the spending of the surcharges on the German ´Tag der Briefmarke´ stamps has been a responsibility of the

07.12.2005 - Phil*Creativ Offers Collegial Discount
In the German town of Schwalmtal resides – and this since 1986 – the Phil*Creativ publishing house (until 1989: WM-Verlag). It is responsible

05.12.2005 - Giancarlo Morolli: 50 Years as an Author!
If a magazine dedicates Page 50 to one of its collaborators and if it uses the same page to express the ´Compliments of the editorial staff´

29.11.2005 - A profitable business: members recruiting members
Any AIJP member recruiting a new AIJP member will receive a copy of the well-known INTERPHILA 2005 address book completely free of charge.

22.11.2005 - On-line service for free!
Any AIJP member recruiting a new AIJP member will receive a copy of the well-known INTERPHILA 2005 address book completely free of charge.

08.11.2005 - The Stamps World - The first Iranian Monthly Magazine for Philately
The situation of world politics might still be a critical one. Nevertheless, in Iran the first traces of a new philatelic development

04.11.2005 - AIJP Homepage now in English and Dutch
In the middle of November the new homepage of the AIJP ( will go online in a Dutch and an English

02.11.2005 - AIJP Awards Prices to their Partners
Good contents need great style, too. This motto was a leading star for the AIJP and the incentive to award newly won well-known partners with

01.11.2005 - Patronage for the IBB Sindelfingen awarded anew
The success of the Exchange 2005 was apparent for all visitors. The project manager, Bernward Schuberth, positively referred to,

31.10.2005 - Sindelfingen 2005: An excellent Track Report for the AIJP
´It´s fascinating´, stated John Moody, a member of the AIJP board, when he experienced the International Stamp Bourse/Exchange in Sindelfingen for

24.10.2005 - AIJP Intensifies Contacts and Cooperation with FIP and FEPA
In the Fédération International de Philatélie (FIP), all nation-wide operating associations of stamp collectors

23.10.2005 - AIJP-News, October 2005
The new AIJP-Bulletin: from a magazine to a book

20.10.2005 - Editiorial Services for partners of the AIJP
The AIJP is offering its partners a new, additional service, the so-called ´Themendienst´ (Editorial Services)

19.10.2005 - AIJP Defends the Interests of the Philatelic Press during WADP Meeting
A meeting of the World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP) has been held on October 17, 2005 in Berne

25.09.2005 - Welcome to Sindelfingen!
The editorial office philatelie (Booth No. 116), welcomes all members of the AIJP and friends in Sindelfingen,

24.09.2005 - Free compass for International Stamp Exchange Sindelfingen
For all those interested the AIJP offers a 20 page compass for the International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen, which

22.09.2005 - Zumstein: One Hundred years!
On October 1st, 1905 - exactly one hundred years ago - the young Ernst Zumstein returned to his hometown, having finished his apprenticeship

20.09.2005 - SBZ Official AIJP Partner!
The 'Schweizer Briefmarken-Zeitung' (SBZ) is one of the oldest, if not the eldest, still existing stamp magazines of the world.

16.09.2005 - 2007: Exhibition of Literature and AIJP Election Meeting in Leipzig
As already reported on Aug. 15th, Leipzig - the German hometown of literature - and its International Centre, will host the

15.09.2005 - Association of German Stamp Auctioneers (BDB): well-known partner of the AIJP
Today, many auction catalogues are valuable rarities in the field of philatelic literature.

15.08.2005 - New AIJP Patronage
AIJP-Patronage for Category 1 Exhibition of Literature in Leipzig

02.08.2005 - New AIJP Patronages
AIJP Patronage awarded to International Stamp Fair Essen and the International Stamp Show Sindelfingen

05.07.2005 - New Concept Aims at Improved Performance
The AIJP regards itself as an international body that tries to unite philatelic authors as well as philatelic journalists.

03.06.2005 - New list of members
It has been many years since a complete list of the members has been published with

14.05.2005 - New goals of the AIJP
During the first board meeting after the congress the first and most important aims)

14.05.2005 - New Board Elected
In Brno, on May 14th 2005, the delegates elected a new board