13.09.2012 - No need for Europeans to hide!
The European world of philatelie has no reason to hide itself behind Asia or other continents.

11.09.2012 - Visitors from all around the world about to visit IPHLA 2012 in Mainz!
An International Philatelic Literature Exhibition not only attracts bibliophile collectors or authors from around the world.

09.09.2012 - Stamp Fair Berlin: Frederick the Great in the spotlights
A colourful bouquet of interesting exhibits: that’s what the upcoming Briefmarkenmesse Berlin has in store for philatelists.

07.09.2012 - Special hand stamp to celebrate ancient German horse market
The Bietigheim Horse Market is a well-known supra-regional beer festival in Bietigheim-Bissingen.

05.09.2012 - Study Group GfG commemorates Olympic drama
From 26 August until 11 September 1972 the XX. Olympic Summer Games took place in Germany.

03.09.2012 - Heinrich Koehler presents special Philatelic Literature Auction Catalogue
Heinrich Koehlers 352nd Auction (3 November 2012, during IPHLA in Mainz) goes accompanied by a special and impressive auction catalogue.

30.08.2012 - San Marino: ‘ Terre Emilia ’ Souvenir Sheet
Today, 30 August, San Marino brings out a special postage stamp issue.

28.08.2012 - Philately: Quo Vadis?
The German Association of Philatelic Organisations of Hesse, Rhein-Main-Nahe, tries to realise a reorientation in our difficult times.

26.08.2012 - Annual Report of the AIJP President
According to the statuts the annual report of the president is herewith published.

25.08.2012 - 30th International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen
The International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen will, like before, stand under the patronage of the AIJP.

24.08.2012 - Stamp Day and a special stamp fair to be held in Kiel (Germany)
In the German town of Kiel, on Saturday 6 October 2012, the traditional Stamp Day will be held.

22.08.2012 - Dissatisfaction amongst Austrian collectors
The famous question "Quo Vadis?" has been put to a number of Austrian stamp collectors.

20.08.2012 - Chicagopex: prospectus available
On 16, 17 and 18 November 2012 Chicagopex will be held in Itasca, Illinois.

18.08.2012 - American forerunner sells for U$ 333.500
On June 26, Siegel Auction Galleries held their annual rarities sale in New York.

16.08.2012 - THAILAND 2013 deadline approaches very fast!
The deadline for THAILAND 2013 (to be held from 2 until 14 August 2013) is approaching very fast: it expires on 15 October 2012.

14.08.2012 - IPHLA’s Program of Events now online!
On 2 November 2012, IPHLA 2012 will open its the doors.

12.08.2012 - Railway line Frankfurt/Oder-Seelow-Letschin now 135 years old
Exactly 135 years ago, the rail connection between the German towns of Eberswalde and Frankfurt/Oder was completed.

10.08.2012 - Palmarès and festive evening during IPHLA 2012
Any international exhibition will regard the so-called Palmarès dinner as the official peak of the event, especially for its exhibitors.

08.08.2012 - IPHLA’s Cabinet Of Curiosities: ‘secrets’ revealed
When IPHLA 2012 opens its gates, what will be on display in the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’?

06.08.2012 - Philatelic Academy of Bavaria hosts ‘MICHEL Seminar’
The Philatelic Academy of Bavaria will host for the first time a seminar for stamp collectors that rely on the services of the various MICHEL stamp catalogues.

04.08.2012 - German Rotary Studygroup about to dissolve
The German Study Group Rotary International will be dissolved at the end of 2012.

02.08.2012 - IPHLA 2012: Philatelic literature captured in a unique catalogue!
There are early, important bibliographies about philatelic literature in the German language, edited by people like Victor Suppantschitsch or Max Ton.

31.07.2012 - A challenge for topical collectors
The Dutch federation of philatelic associations, KNBF, will start a new course this fall.

27.07.2012 - A wealth of information on a simple USB-stick
The German Liechtenstein Study Group is one of the more notable clubs to offer information in the form of PDF files.

25.07.2012 - Special hand stamps for IPHLA 2012
The first drafts for the special IPHLA 2012 hand stamps are now known.

21.07.2012 - Auctioneer Schwanke closes a loophole
The postal stationary of Hamburg has only been described in a long paragraph that can be found in the famous ‘Kohl Handbuch’.

19.07.2012 - Carl Heinz Schulz has died
Carl Heinz Schulz, Honorary President of the Federation of German Stamp Dealers (APHV), has died on Sunday 15 July.

17.07.2012 - MICHEL Catalogues: a new threesome
Three new MICHEL catalogues have been published on 6 July 2012.

15.07.2012 - Hans W. Hohenester presides the Philatelic Academy of Bavaria
On 23 June Hans W. Hohenester (s. picture) was elected unanimously as President of the Philatelic Academy of Bavaria.

13.07.2012 - IPHLA Mainz 2012: exhibit information available on-line
IPHLA 2012 presents a novelty never before to be seen at international exhibitions.

11.07.2012 - Werner Rühling about to retire
With entrance from 31 July of this year Werner Rühling, manager of the German stamp publication Briefmarken Spiegel and also CEO of Philapress Zeitschriften und Medien GmbH & Co. KG, will retire from both functions for age reasons.

09.07.2012 - MICHEL introduces its new homepage
Navigating the site of the famous MICHEL catalogues is now even easier than before.

07.07.2012 - Philatelic research: in the future much easier
Almost 125 years ago. the then president of the American Philatelic Association, John K. Tiffany, wrote a letter to the Secretary of what would become the Royal Philatelic Society of London.

05.07.2012 - Personalised ‘Lüneburg’ stamp on the occasion of the 2012 ‘Hansetag’
From 28 June until 1 July, the 32th edition of the International Hanseatic Days has been held on the market place of the German town of Lüneburg.

03.07.2012 - Liechtenstein Post refreshes its website
Since April, the postal administration of Liechtenstein with has carried out a complete overhaul of its website, which can be found at

01.07.2012 - Jury of IPHLA 2012 has been appointed!
The Bund Deutscher Philatelisten (the official organizer of the International Philatelic Literature Exhibition IPHLA 2012 in Mainz) has appointed an excellent international jury.

03.06.2012 - New Website online!
Everybody who surfs to will immedeately realize the website relaunch. Unfortuneatly not all areas work as expected.

21.05.2012 - EXPHIMO 2012 in Mondorf (Luxembourg)
During the Pentecost weekend, on 26, 27 and 28 May 2012, the 54th Edition of the traditional EXPHIMO exhibition in Luxembourg takes place.

15.05.2012 - Iceland Post hosts new website
The postal administration of Iceland was among the first to maintain a website especially aimed at those interested in stamps and philately. Only the USPS (United States) and Canada Post were

13.05.2012 - Monety Expo Warsaw
Erich Modes, the well-known organiser of the numismatic NUMISMATA Fairs, has announced that he will, in collaboration with the Polish coin dealer Biuro Numizmatyczne Sp., organise Warzaw’s

11.05.2012 - IPHLA 2012: Book presentations of CPh and Edition d´Or
Presentations of publications by members of the Consilium Philatelicum (CPh) are always something special. New CPh publications are most of the times presented by well-known philatelists. This

09.05.2012 - Special Congress Award for philatelic author
Recently, a rare honour was bestowed on the well-known philatelic author Wolfgang Maassen from Schwalmtal (Germany). The Philatelic Federation of South Africa awarded him the special "Congress

07.05.2012 - German ‘Bundesdruckerei’ restricts approval of plate errors
With entrance from early 2012 the German ‘Bundesdruckerei’ (the current official printers of German stamp issues) has the number of approvals of plate errors. It concerns issues that were brought out

05.05.2012 - A new book about Alfred Moschkau
One hundred years ago Alfred Moschkau died in Oybin. In memory of this ‘Son of Lusatia’ a new book will be published that will bring previous Moschkau research on new footing. The book is called

03.05.2012 - SAMOLUX 13: a cross-border stamp exhibition
The upcoming Samolux 13 is a stamp exhibition that crosses various borders: the philatelic associations of Saarland (Germany), Lorraine (France) and Luxembourg will take part in it.

01.05.2012 - IPHLA 2012: seminar for aspiring exhibitors
The International Philatelic Literature Exhibition IPHLA 2012 (2, 3 and 4 November 2012) will provide valuable support for collectors wanting, as a newcomer, to participate in a exhibition.

29.04.2012 - Poland wins contest ´Most beautiful issue with a Christian theme´
The readers of Gabriel (a magazine published in the German-speaking countries, edited by the World Alliance of Organized Philatelists ´St. Gabriel´) have chosen the most beautiful stamp

27.04.2012 - Expert Guide to the Hindenburg disaster of 1937
75 years ago, on 6 May 1937, the airship LZ-129 Hindenburg crashed in Lakehurst. The cause of the disaster is still not fully understood, and also with regard to the mail on board there are

25.04.2012 - International Award for Horst Mueller (G)
Horst Mueller, who has been acting since 1983 as Leading Chairman of the German Study Group ‘Private Post Mercury’, has been invited to sign the Maurice Williams Roll of Notable Cinderella

17.04.2012 - LONDON 2015 acquires FIP recognition
In addition to the FEPA sponsorship, the International Stamp Exhibition LONDON 2015 has now also received the recognition of the FIP. The acquisition of the FIP recognition is crucial for many

15.04.2012 - Worldwide network of philatelic libraries in the making
On 2 April, the Royal Philatelic Society London and the Smithsonian National Postal Museum have announced that they are pursuing a partnership with all major philatelic libraries in the world. The

13.04.2012 - PostNL launches Dutch Country Houses series
PostNL has recently launched a ‘Dutch Country Houses’ stamp series. The first sheetlet in this series features the Keukenhof Castle in Lisse. It concerns the first in a series of fifty sheetlets

11.04.2012 - UPU Congress in Doha (Qatar) has its own stamp exhibition
The 25th Congress of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) will be held from 24 September until 15 October 2012. Doha in Qatar will be the place where this important encounter of representatives of postal

09.04.2012 - Royal Collection visits Belgium
From 23 June until 15 August, the Havenhuis De Caese in the Belgian town of Brugge will radiate a certain amount of princely sheen. De Caese will then house the philatelic collection of

07.04.2012 - Philatelic Committee IPHLA 2012 confirms a record number of entries
The applications for the International Philatelic Literature Exhibition IPHLA 2012, to be held in Mainz (Germany) on 2, 3 and 4 November of this year, came from all over the world. After

04.04.2012 - Disappeared: two valuable Helgoland covers
The German auction house of Rauhut & Kruschel reports the loss of two valuable letters of Helgoland. The covers have disappeared during their transport via post. You are warned not to buy these

02.04.2012 - Like father, like son: Willem-Alexander photographs his daughters
The Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander has photographed his three daughters Amalia, Alexia and Arian. The pictures will be used for the design of the Dutch surcharge stamps known as

31.03.2012 - Personalised stamp of ‘Es geht mir gut’ (Berlin)
On the occasion of the exhibition Es geht mir gut - Deutsche Feldpost von 1870 bis 2010 (‘I´m fine - German field post mail 1870-2010’), which can be found in the Military History Museum on

29.03.2012 - VACCARI Publishing Co. will be present at IPHLA 2012 in Mainz (Germany)
With its 48 exhibits, Italy is the second largest participating country at the international philatelic literature exhibition IPHLA 2012, which takes place on 2, 3 and 4 November 2012 in the

27.03.2012 - Heinrich Koehler seeks independent confirmation of it’s record auction results
In recent years, the German auction house of Heinrich Koehler in Wiesbaden was able to realise a number of impressive auction results, with outcomes between 50 and 330 thousand Euros per lot.

25.03.2012 - In memoriam Wolfram Grallert
It is only now that we can report of the death, on 19 February 2012, of Wolfram Grallert, one of the great personalities in the world of German philately. He was born in Görlitz on 30 November

23.03.2012 - Spectrum Group prepared to acquire Afinsa shares
Recently, the Spectrum Group International (SGI, based in Irvine/California, USA) has announced a purchase agreement with Afinsa Bienes Tangibles, a Spanish firm currently in liquidation. The

21.03.2012 - New signatories to the RPS,L’s ‘Roll of Distinguished Philatelists´
The Roll of Distinguished Philatelists of the Royal Philatelic Society of London (RPS,L) may be compared to what in the United States perhaps would be called the ´Philatelic Hall of Fame’.

19.03.2012 - Interesting exhibition for Zeppelin enthusiasts
On 8 March the Zeppelin Museum of Friedrichshafen (Germany) has opened the doors of the exhibition 1,600,628 kilometers through the air: airship captain Heinrich Bauer. In this exhibition,

17.03.2012 - MICHEL catalogues in a new guise and an elongated ‘dress’!
Sometimes you think there are things that will never change. Like to format of the Michel Overseas Stamp Catalogues, for instance. As long as one can remember they have been 15 centimeters wide and

15.03.2012 - Italy second largest exhibiting nation Italy at IPHLA 2012
With the expiring of the application deadline for the international literature exhibition IPHLA 2012 in Mainz (Germany) on 1 February 2012, it has become clear how popular the exhibition is. Although

13.03.2012 - Exceptional Japanese Beethoven collection in the Beethoven-Haus, Bonn (Germany)
Offering a time journey through Beethoven´s life in an unusual format, the Beethoven-Haus will, from 19 March on, offer a special exhibition titled Beethoven in Stamps. It concerns a

11.03.2012 - Chazapis describes ‘Australia 2013’ as a ‘bad precedent’
Next year, from 10 to 15 May 2013, the international stamp exhibition Australia 2013 will take place. Already now, the event has received some critic, as can be seen in a Editorial of the

09.03.2012 - Briefmarken Spiegel No. 1 on-line
Last year, the German stamp magazine ‘Briefmarken Spiegel’ was fifty years old. To celebrate the jubilee, the editorial staff of the magazine decided to place the first issue, published on 1 June

07.03.2012 - No Olympic Stamp Tribute in the States?
It may seem a bit strange, but it seems that the United States Postal Service has no intentions to dedicate one or more postage stamps to the main sports event of the year 2012: the Olympic Summer

05.03.2012 - Literature auction during IPHLA in the hands of Heinrich Koehler
The City Hall of the German town of Mainz will open its doors on 2 November 2012 for the international literature exhibition IPHLA 2012. From that moment on, visitors from all over the world will

03.03.2012 - Delcampe trying to free itself from illegal merchandise
In a recent press release from the internet webshop (which proudly describes itself as ‘the largest marketplace for philatelists’) the intention is expressed to free the site from

01.03.2012 - Michel’s Overseas Catalogues: from now on in full-colour
Starting with the new edition of the volume ‘America 2012 (1/1)’, which will appear today, the German publisher of the well-know Michel stamp catalogues will see to it that in future all its overseas

28.02.2012 - An unusual combination
February may be the traditional carnival month, but that still does not explain why the German post decided to grant the Oetker company in Bielefeld the use of a somewhat mysterious meter mark. Not

26.02.2012 - ‘Paper Pearls’ - an exhibition with a twist
Regular stamp collectors perhaps may think that when an exhibition is staged, one has to expect a kind of ‘frame forests’: long rows of exhibition frames, one after the other, offering visitors a

24.02.2012 - HBA to auction the "Zehlendorf" Collection
The Hamburg based German auction house Gebrüder Ehrengut will bring, in its auction of 25 to 28 April, the so-called "Zehlendorf" Collection under the hammer. The collection originates from a

22.02.2012 - A Prussian collection from Berlin
The famous German auction house from Mülheim, Harald Rauhut, has been recently renamed: it now goes under the title ‘Rauhut-Kruschel Auctions’. The renamed auction house has as its manager the owner,

20.02.2012 - IPHLA 2012 in Mainz exceeds the expectations!
On 1 February 2012 the official registration deadline for the exhibits at IPHLA 2012 expired. The organisers were already pleasantly surprised that all available booths of this international

18.02.2012 - FEPA Prize Winners of the Year 2011
The abbreviation FEPA stands for ‘Federation of European Philatelic Associations’. At the end of every calendar year, the FEPA decides about three awards

17.02.2012 - Meet the experts at the International Stamp Fair in Essen
As in earlier years, visitors to the International Stamp Fair in Essen (Germany) can ask for free advice from BPP experts present on all three days of the event. The BPP - the official German

15.02.2012 - ´Sistine Madonna´ at the International Stamp Fair in Munich
The German stamp designer Werner Hans Schmidt will be on focus when the International Stamp Fair in Munich (1, 2 and 3 March 2012) begins. His souvenir sheet ´The Sistine Madonna´ will be issued on

13.02.2012 - Harz Region celebrates 125 years of narrow-gauge railways
On 9 February 2011, a special German postage stamp dedicated to the jubilee ‘125 years of narrow gauge railways in the Harz Mountains’ has been issued. The narrow-gauge railways are among the major

09.02.2012 - New ‘Cathedral of Freiburg’ stamps
They were certainly a success, the first personalised postage stamps that were issued to support the redevelopment of the historic Münster Tower of the Freiburg Cathedral in Germany. They were sold

07.02.2012 - Ice fever in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands, a special kind of fever has erupted. Whenever there is a long period of heavy frost in that country, the hearts of long-distance skaters are beginning to beat faster. Because then

05.02.2012 - New IMOS-Journal: filled to the brim with information
The international German topical study group ‘Olympiaden und Sport’ (IMOS) indulges its members every three months with a new edition of its magazine IMOS-Journal. In the recently published Nr. 152

03.02.2012 - Two jubilees and a special postmark
A double anniversary can be celebrated in the German city of Minden. The oldest document stating that Minden has obtained city rights dates from 1232, so that is now 780 years old. In the same year

31.01.2012 - Website ‘relaunched’
The official body of philatelic experts in Germany, the Bund Philatelistischer Prüfer (BPP) has done a fine job in revamping their website The site has been ‘relaunched’ recently and it

29.01.2012 - Dutch Post:: ´Listen to the Music´
PostNL, the postal administration of the Netherlands, has apparently been influenced by one of the successes of the Doobie Brothers, ‘Listen to the music’. It would explain why the Dutch post has

27.01.2012 - In memory of the springtide of 1962
On 16, 17 and 18 February of this year a special German hand stamp commemorating the hurricane tide of 1962 will be in use. The flood, that struck heavily the North Sea Passage of Wilhelmshaven, was

25.01.2012 - Stamp dealers´ deadline for EuroPhilex 2015 London soon to expire
Last week, stamp dealers worldwide were invited to participate in EuroPhilex 2015 in London. The event will take place from 13 until 16 May 2015, at the Business Design Centre, Islington. It will

23.01.2012 - You may decide: what was the most attractive stamp about aviation in 2010?
The German study group ‘Luftfahrt e.V.’, specialised in air mail and aviation, invites all philatelists and anyone interested in aviation to participate in a survey to choose the year 2010’s most

15.01.2012 - MAZ Mail: put your letters in the mailbox!
For some time now the first letter box of the private mail service of the Märkische Algemeine Zeitung (MAZ) can be found in front of the building of the printer of this German newspaper. This

13.01.2012 - ‘Day of German Philately’: AIJP members are invited
The Chairman of Consilium Philatelicum, Wolfgang Maassen, has the pleasure to invite all AIJP members to an event to be held on 4 November 2012 during IPHLA 2012, the international philatelic

11.01.2012 - A bargain with a kickback
A sad experience for the German coin dealer Thomas B. of Aachen. An older, unidentified man came to his shop and offered him six thousand mint stamps, each with a face value of 55 cent, issued in the

09.01.2012 - Your last chance for IPHLA 2012!
Time flies: authors and publishers have only a few weeks left to apply for the international philatelic literature exhibition in the German city of Mainz. The deadline for the exhibition, IPHLA 2012,

07.01.2012 - AIJP and AEP to organise a unique symposium
During the upcoming IPHLA exhibition in Mainz, the AIJP will – in cooperation with the European Academy of Philately (AEP) – organise a unique symposium. Theme of this symposium, to be held on 3

05.01.2012 - The AIJP is 50 years old!
Fifty years ago, during the summer of 1962, the international stamp exhibition PRAGA 62 was held. During this event the International Association of Philatelic Journalists and Authors (AIJP) was

31.12.2011 - In memoriam Gerhard Dusska (Vienna)
Many people considered Gerhard Dusska (b. 1940) as a real ‘veteran’ of Austrian philately. Far beyond the limits of the city of Vienna and even beyond the boundaries of Austria itself people knew

29.12.2011 - Will the Helmut Kohl stamp ever materialize?
If it would have been up to the German political party CDU there would already have been a special stamp dedicated to the former Chancellor Helmut Kohl. At the annual CDU convention of 2010, the

27.12.2011 - PostNL: souvenir sheet for André Kuipers
On Wednesday 21 December 21, on behalf of the European Space Agency ESA, the Dutch astronaut André Kuipers has been brought to the ISS space station. He was launched together with the Russian Oleg