12.12.2018 - SAARPHILA about to end its auction activities

(wm) The German stamp dealer Hans-Jürgen Steffen from Saarbrücken has recently informed his customers that he will end his own auctions at the end of this year. After 45 years being in the business, the time has now come for Hans-Jürgen to have some free time, i.e. not having to be bothered with putting up the time-consuming work of preparing and holding auctions. He will, nevertheless, continue to be involved with philately: he will continue his intensive cooperation with AIX-PHILA-Briefmarken GmbH in Aachen. From the 63rd AIX-PHILA auction onwards, he will also have his entire Saarphila warehouse auctioned there. Interested parties can already now find the advance notice that three large lots of Saar philately items (24,734 individual lots on stock cards with exact descriptions with a starting value of 277,719 Euro) will be offered at the 64th AIX PHILA auction in May 2019.