26.11.2018 - Fresh from the press: MICHEL’s Luxembourg 2019

(Unterschleissheim/wm) The new (already sixth) edition of MICHEL’s Luxembourg catalogue has recently become available. The catalogue is bilingual, in German and French. The French parts are printed in blue to make them easier to recognise.
The new MICHEL Luxembourg 2019 offers many new contents. This is especially true for the period up to 1900, which are now treated in a much more specialised way. The postage stamps have been divided in up to seven different conditions, and the upside-down imprints of the service stamps have been added. In other parts of this work, numerous new or adapted catalogue numbers have been added.
There have been numerous changes in the price quotations over the past two years. The MICHEL editorial team even believes that a possible trend is emerging. In any case, the development of the notation of the PostEurop stamps of 2017 (Michel Nr. 2126-2127) may be called spectacular. The valuation of these two stamps has increased more than tenfold from 2017 to today. The reason for this is that the stamps were withdrawn from sale after about seven weeks because the country name ("Luxembourg") is missing on them.
Format 15 x 22.5 cm, in colour, over 1,600 illustrations and approx. 6,000 price quotations, paperback, retail price: 29.80 euros. ISBN 978-3-95402-264-9, available in specialist and book shops.