23.11.2018 - NAPOSTA 2020 (Rank 1) will be held in Haldensleben

(BDPh) In Germany the tradition of the National Postage Stamp Exhibition (NAPOSTA) is to be revived. This was decided by the Federal Executive Board and the Administrative Board at their most recent meeting. NAPOSTA, once held every five years, took place for the last time in 2009, in Essen, where it was combined with IBRA.
The NAPOSTA tradition will soon be revived: "Haldensleben in Saxony-Anhalt is inviting visitors to NAPOSTA from 20 to 23 August 2020. The occasion is the 100th anniversary of the “Verein der Briefmarkenfreunde von Haldensleben und Umgebung," says Maik Schröder, Chairman of the Association. The event location, the Ohrelandhalle in the city centre of Haldnesleben, a district town with almost 20,000 inhabitants, offers space for about 800 exhibition frames." And BDPh President Alfred Schmidt adds: “NAPOSTA 2020 will offer exhibitors the last opportunity to qualify for the World Stamp Exhibition IBRA 2021 in Essen,", thus highlighting the special significance of the exhibition.
The preparations in the Organising Committee are already in full swing. Further information for exhibitors and visitors will be available on the website from December. You can also download the registration documents there. A printed copy of the exhibition conditions can be obtained from the exhibition: Benny Berger, P.O. Box 1121, 06780 Zörbig, Mobil: 0176/23845023, e-mail: