19.11.2018 - Just published: Kaleidoscope of Fiscal Philately

(pcp/wm) ‘Fiscal philately is European heritage’ asserts Prof. Siegbert Sattler in his preface to a rather unusual publication titled ‘Kaleidoskop der Fiskalphilatelie’ (‘Caleidoscope of Fiscal Philately’). And he is right, as one can determine by attentive reading of this well-crafted book. Chapter titles and subtitles already refer to the diversity, uniqueness and history of fiscal philately, whereby the contents of the book are a kind of guidebook on how to not only understand, but also how collect the available material in view of the diversity of fees and stamps.
The reader learns what fiscal philately is and how it presents itself to interested parties today in an easily understandable short form right at the beginning of the book edited by Carsten Mintert. Then follow 100 individual contributions of 36 members of the ArGe Fiskalphilatelie in the BDPh, which were arranged on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the study group, resulting in a kind of commemorative publication that covers five centuries, lavishly illustrated and described. This ranges from documents from the pre-stamp era and their tax stamps as proof of paid fees to contemporary history and touches on countless facets of public, more precisely economic and social life. It is important to note that such documents are still often available today at very reasonable prices, at flea markets, antiquarian bookshops or at auctions, and that these documents are always authentic: nothing is fabricated.
ne last, but equally important note is made clear to the reader: anyone who collects such material (fiscal stamps, documents) will in most cases have to do this without the help of a catalogue; he or she will never be complete. And this is precisely what makes this collecting field so attractive. The book is a welcome stimulus, even a motivation boost, which - especially due to its appealing design – deserves many readers.
Format DIN A4, 130 pages, numerous illustrations in colour, hardcover, VP: 24 Euro. Reference with Carsten Mintert, E-Mail: