31.10.2018 - IBRA 2021 presents its sponsor and advertising concept!

(wm) One of the first steps for the world exhibition IBRA 2021, which will take place from 6 until 9 May 2021 at the Essen Fair (‘Messe Essen’, Halls 1 and 2), is an extensive sponsorship and partnership concept. The concept has recently reached interested circles, especially the philatelic trade. It concerns after all a major project: 10,000 square meters will be available, 2,800 exhibit frames will have to be filled and exposed, a treasure chamber will have to be constructed and an activity stage will be one of the highlights of IBRA 2021. These plans already give a first idea of the significant expenses that will be incurred by the organiser, the Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e.V. (Association of German Philatelists). Not to mention the FIP patronage, because this also requires the appointment of jurors from all over the world - and not only from Europe.
Eight people belong to the IBRA team and the names of Alfred Schmidt (chairman), Jan Billion (managing director), Walter Bernatek (general commissioner/finances), Jürgen Witkowski and Konrad Krämer will certainly ring a bell, since these persons are also represented on the previous BDPh board. The names of Reinhard Küchler and Günter Korn, the current and former managing directors of the BDPh, are just as familiar. Additionally Dr. Wolfgang Leupold, director for exhibition matters of the BDPh has been.
The new advertising concept and the participation possibilities are written out for the trade, for auction houses and large-scale enterprises. In addition, sponsors are sought, a.o. for the treasury, the gal evening, the exhibition medals as well as the activity stage. From 10,000 euros you can be part of the party. In return you wil receive a detailed list of advertising services. Four auction possibilities are to be assigned for the total of four available exhibition days, whereby one must bring in at least 25,000 euros for each auction that will be carried out. This approach follows the so-called "New York model" that we know from 2016, whereby the interested parties in question were free to put together a kind of "total package" - then of course at a significantly higher price - e.g. as a ‘Gold Sponsor’ (from 50,000 euros). It will be interesting to see whether this initial approach will be welcomed by clients at home and abroad. Potential applicants can contact the BDPh in Bonn or the Managing Director of IBRA 20121, Jan Billion, at any time.