24.10.2018 - Franz-Karl Lindner now a member of Consilium Philatelicum (BDPh)

(cph) On Saturday 29 September 29 the Federal Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the BDPh unanimously decided to appoint Franz-Karl Lindner, former Vice-President of the BDPh for many years, to the Consilium Philatelicum. Up to 24 deserving philatelists belong to this committee, which has existed since 1986. They have rendered outstanding services to the association and to the promotion of philately in Germany through their work.
From 1991-1997 Lindner was a member of the board of the BDPh, first as an observer, then until 2013 as vice-president. Already decades before he had been active in various positions for the Association of Philatelists in NRW as well as for his home association in Soest. He has directed numerous exhibitions, organised German Philatelists' Days and made a lasting commitment to promoting research and literature in the associations. Not only with the so-called "Soester Gespräche" (“Discussions in Soest”) and thematic seminars, but also at major exhibitions such as the IBRA 99 in Nuremberg and the IPHLA 2012 in Mainz, where literature has always been in the forefront.
The former director of the school for the blind in Soest is also privately associated with his former profession as a collector and exhibitor with exhibits on "Mail services for the Blind" and "Blindness in the mirror of Philatelie".
The certificate of appointment was presented to Franz-Karl Lindner on 21 October 2018 at the “Haus der Philatelie und Postgeschichte”. This is where the final day of the joint conference of the research communities "Stamp Day" and "History of German Philately" took place. On the occasion of this conference, the chairman of the CPh, Wolfgang Maassen, welcome Lindner as a new member of the Chapter.

Photograph: private collection