17.10.2018 - Günter Formery: An Encyclopedia of Philocartism

(wm) Philately and philocartie are closely related. While philately is primarily defined as collecting and researching stamps, philocartie is a technical term for illustrated postcards and postal stationary, a collecting area that has been spread worldwide, especially since the end of the 19th century. The term philocartie was probably first used in the magazine "Le Philocartiste" in 1898. Earlier, in 1864, pioneer collector George Herpin coined the term "philately". But philocartie was also popular by those who collected illustrated postcards and their predecessors. All this and much more can be read in Das Große Lexikon der Ansichtskarten – Eine Enzyklopädie der Philokartie, an extensive publication written by the expert and connoisseur Günter Formery, and a book of which the contents go far beyond the limited view of postcard collecting.
For the first time an author dares to present a lexical reference work which, with more than 1,500 keywords(!), offers much more than short definitions of words or terms. The differences with other publication are already apparent in the first letter ("A") of the alphabetically structured lexicon. One finds not only the various types of postcards explained in detail, but also information about the well-known designers of such postcards, as well as the printers and publishers that were involved.
What sets the book apart from previous works is the focus on technical printing terms, without which the original postcards and their origins can hardly be understood correctly. While insiders may be familiar with the very extensive entries, or rather with the historical ones, the buzzwords that are important for exhibitors are anything but "business as usual". Since Formery has moved a lot in this field in recent years, it is understandable that it also offers current, important and noteworthy information in this area. He thus continues the tradition of Horst Hille's book "Ansichtskarten sammeln" (Collecting Picture Postcards, 1993), which was also published by Phil*Creativ Verlag.
Formery’s book truly earns the subtitle of "Encyclopaedia", because from now on no collector needs to collect relevant knowledge from studying various publications or visiting websites to research them laboriously: the same information can be found in this book that offers about 400 pages. It’s compact and illustrated in colour. The hardcover book will be presented for the first time at the upcoming International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen. It is expected to be available in specialist’s book shops for around 39.80 euros thereafter. For more information you may contact Phil*Creativ Publishing House, Vogelsratherweg 27, 41366 Schwalmtal (Germany), telephone 02163/30 777, E-Mail: