05.10.2018 - Jury appointed for STOCKHOLMIA 2019!

(wm) On 13 September 2018, Jonas Hällström, head of the organisation of STOCKHOLMIA 2019, has announced the names of the members of the international jury for what will probably be the next year's largest philatelic exhibition. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Royal Philatelic Society in London, more than 300 stamp collections and at least 87 literature exhibits by members of the ‘Royal’ (the oldest stamp collector association in the world) will be on display from 29 May to 2 June 2019. Members from 44 different countries will participate as exhibitors with collections that are encased in more than 2,000 frames, which will then be judged by 28 jurors from 14 countries.
The chairman of the jury is the Dane Lars Engelbrecht RDP and Peter Nordin from Sweden will act as jury secretary. Further jurors are (in alphabetical order) Bengt Bengtsson (Sweden), Gary Brown (Australia), Andrew Cheung (Hong Kong), Santiago Cruz (Colombia), James Peter Gough RDP (USA), Malcolm Groom (Australia), Erik Hamberg (Sweden), Christopher G. Harman RDP (Great Britain), Bill Hedley (Great Britain), Damian Läge (Germany), Peter P. McCann (USA), Jane Moubray RDP (UK), Henrik Mouritsen (Denmark), Ari Muhonen (Finland), Koichi Sato RDP (Japan), Andreas Schlichter (Argentina), Stephen D. Schumann (USA), Hallvard Slettebö (Norway), Michael Smith (Great Britain), Peter Suhadolc (Slovenia), Charles Verge (Canada), W. Danforth Walker RDP (USA), Frank Walton RDP (Great Britain) and Fredrik Ydell (Sweden).
With the appointment of this jury team the organisers have succeeded to have the best of the best experts present at the exhibition. The team will working on a fact-based basis, according to precisely defined criteria, but also making this transparent to the exhibitors in jury discussions. This will not only be achieved through individual discussions, but also through presentations in which basic observations, general mistakes, but also suggestions to avoid them, will be the focus of attention.