19.09.2018 - AIJP lends NOTOS 2021 its patronage

(wm) In 2015, the international philatelic exhibition NOTOS 2015 (Greece) already set some new standards with its imaginatively conceived exhibition. In three years' time, Costas Chazapis and his team would like to top its successes by organising yet another European exhibition. The exhibition has got the patronage of both the FEPA (Federation of European Philatelic Associations) and the AIJP (International Association for Philatelic Journalists and Authors). This time, however, the exhibition will also receive the so-called FIP-recognition. 2,000 frames containing 16 sheets each are planned for stamp collections, and in addition an extensive literature class is planned once again. Participation is open to all members of one of the national associations, including FIP members worldwide, provided they participate with a Europe-related exhibit or an exhibit concerning philatelic literature.
The exhibition will once again take place in the easily accessible Peristeri Exhibition Centre, which offers 7,000 square metres of space and free parking. It can be reached by metro in only 13 minutes from the centre of Athens. Although it only has a 90,000 euro budget, this exhibition offers very reasonable exhibit fees, especially for literature exhibitors. In addition, only one copy at a time is to be given away.
The AIJP is convinced that this exhibition also has a lot to offer interested parties from all over the world. Therefore, it unanimously decided to award the patronage at a board meeting in Prague on 17 August. This was confirmed at the AIJP Congress on 18 August 2018 with the presentation and signing of a patronage certificate by the President of the AIJP, Wolfgang Maassen, and the President of the Organisation of NOTOS 2021.

AIJP President Wolfgang Maassen (left) and NOTOS organiser Costas Chazapis signing the letter of patronage during PRAGA 2018. Photo: Claudia Maassen