26.02.2018 - NEW: Post & Geschichte Magazin, Nr. 16 (December 2017)

(wm) Especially among journalists writing about specialised topics from Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the magazine ‘Post & Geschichte Magazin’ (‘Post and History Magazine’) has a good reputation. It is perfectly made and designed publication and its Editor, Christian Geissmann, always succeeds tot find new, interesting and varied topics to write about. It proves that even a small country can leave a big mark on postal history – which is the case with ‘Post & Geschichte Magazine’).
The main topics of the latest issue of the magazine (December 2018) have the following titles: "The autumn manoeuvers of the III. Army Corps from 3 to 19 September 1900"; "The censorship of Swiss Post in South Africa during the Second World War" and “The launching of the Focke Wulf FW 200 Condor Friesland on 29.11.1944 and the adventurous journey of a postcard from Switzerland to Algeria". Remarkable are not only the presented documents, but also the numerous contemporary historical photos, which Geissmann cleverly fits into the articles written by him. The 48-page brochure in DIN A5 format costs 18 Sfr. and is available from Post und Geschichte GmbH, Postfach 56, CH-5612 Villmergen/Switzerland. Contact: