04.09.2017 - Documentary Collection Celebrates “King of Stamps” Philipp von Ferrari

(Jan Billion) 100 years ago died the famous stamp collector Philipp von Ferrari who called the greatest stamp rarities his own. For over 20 years the well-known specialised journalist and philatelic historian Wolfgang Maassen has conducted research on Ferrari, the “King of Stamps”, and he holds the presumably most comprehensive archives of document copies concerning this personality. During the 35th International Stamp Fair in Sindelfingen (26, 27 and 28 October 2017) he will present in ten frames an exciting extract.
Different from the usual stamp collections presented in competitions, this exhibit is conceived as a documentary exhibit. Because Philipp von Ferrari, the mysterious son of a count, has left no letters in private possession; there are only a very few such items in national museums and archives. But with his reserve of so far unknown photos (in most cases the originals are large oil paintings in museums) and his stock of copies from state archives as well as a considerable number of original envelopes, picture postcards etc. Maassen has composed a documentary collection which in a so far unprecedented way describes the life of this cosmopolitan. The panoply starts with the origins of his family, passes through his childhood and adolescence, his professional life as well as his philatelic activities, and does not leave out the loneliness if his last years. His testament and legs, the troublesome legal conflict concerning his treasures and the liquidation of the most comprehensive stamp collection of all times in a series of public auctions – all this is presented by means of well-chosen material. In this way justice is done to a hardly known Philipp von Ferrari, and in the end an extraordinary personality is revealed to whom philately worldwide is indebted more than to anyone else for his promotion and support which can be felt up to the present day.
P.S. The exhibit shown in Sindelfingen (120 pages) is described in German language. The same but complete exhibit (220 pages) will be shown in Monte-Carlo at the MonacoPhil (30 Nov.–2 Dec 2017) in the Car-Museum, but there with English description.