28.08.2017 - New name and logo for Boston2026

It’s a popular saying: ‘Foresight is the essence of government‘. And a true one, no doubt. The organisers of the twelfth United States international philatelic exhibition, which will take place in 2026, certainly are looking ahead. They have decided to rename the exhibition. Initially, the event was called ‘Boston 2026 World Stamp Show’. But now the exhibition has a new and shorter name: ‘Boston 2026 World Expo’. And to make things complete, also a new logo has been designed for the event.
In a press release, the show committee explains the decision to change things: ’The new name is shorter, and opens the door to explore more than just ‘stamps’, as our hobby includes a wealth of other items.’
The new logo has been created by the American stamp designer Richard Sheaff. It shows the so-called Betsy Ross flag, an early design of the famous stars and stripes. The Betsy Ross flag shows thirteen stars.