11.08.2017 - APHV (Germany) will further improve its membership list

(wm) The official organisation of German philatelic dealers, the ‘Algemeine Postwertzeichen Händlerverband’ (APHV) will no longer continue ist so-called "Yearbook". This does not apply to a different list that has been designed in DIN long format. This list is very useful, because it there is a heavy demand for it during philatelic trade fairs and exhibitions. The list contains a brief summary of the activities of all members of the APHV, along with important data like their place of residence. The list enables collectors to easily locate ‘the dealer nearby‘ and to make a quick and easy contact with them.
The association will improve the list further by adding an alphabetical list of entries. For German collectrs, finding the dealer of their choice will thus become quicker. There are more ways to gain the aforementioned information, for instance by visiting the APHV’s website, which can be found at the address