14.06.2017 - Name of Canada’s newest territory now on a Canadian stamp

On 1 June 2017 a Canadian stamp of $1.50 issued a postage stamps that documents the creation of Canada’s newest, largest and least populated territory, Nunavut. The new territory, that was born on 1 April 1999, was the result of the largest Aboriginal lands claim agreement in Canadian history. Nunavut was created by dividing the Northwest Territories in two. It was the first major change to the political map of Canada since Newfoundland and Labrador joined the Confederation in 1949.
The stamp shows the portrait of Leah Ejangiaq Kines, who was photographed by her spouse Clare Kines. The Kines and their two children all live in Arctic Bay, an Inuit hamlet in the Qikiqtaaluk region of Nunavut. The hamlet lies about 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle.
The new Canadian postage stamp of $1.50 is available in self-adhesive form (400,000 booklets of 10 stamps) and in gummed panes (80,000 panes of each 10 stamps). The name ‘Nunavut’ (‘our land’) is inscribed twice in the stamp, once as ‘Nunavut’ and once in the form of four unique Nunavut characters.