07.06.2017 - UPU publishes study about the performance of postal organisations

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has calculated an index that shows how advanced postal administrations are doing when it concerns their strategy and the range of services that they offer. The study compares a total of 170 postal organizations around the world, using four criteria: reliability, relevance, reach and resilience. On the list of these 170 postal organizations, Swiss Post (Switzerland) has the highest score.
The top five of the UPU’s list is as follows (performance score between brackets):

1 . Switzerland (100.00)
2 . France (94.75)
3 . Japan (94.09)
4 . The Netherlands (93.84)
5 . Germany (91.88)

If you wish to see the complete list, you can download the UPU study by clicking here.

In a reaction, the number 1 of the list, Swiss Post, states that it is constantly improving its existing services and developing new products and services for the customers of tomorrow. More and more of these products are digital. The Swiss organisation focuses on seven business development areas: e-commerce, mobility, digital financial services, digital trust, cross-channel communication, business process outsourcing and sales & solutions.