29.05.2017 - Norwegian Ship Mail Collection of Dr. Albert Louis under the gavel

(wm) Anyone who has known the late Dr. Albert Louis will be aware of the fact that he was one of the most important collectors specializing in Netherlands philately. But only few people know that he also busied himself with a small but important 'sub-area': Norwegian Ship Mail.
The auction house Corinphila - the managing director of this firm is his son Karl Louis – will auction this collection next month; it contains stamps, covers and documents stemming from the period 1855 until 1900. It concerns just a little more than 100 lots, which is a modest collection, but the contents of the collection are very interesting and sometimes important. The lots contain selected letters and stamps with their corresponding shipping postmarks, relevant manuscripts or handwritten references. All this with regard to transport by ship during the aforementioned period. The collection shows the development of the Norwegian Ship Mail, which was of great importance for the deliverance along Norway’s the coast. Let's not forget that this coast counts numerous fjords and is about 20.000 kilometers long!
The "Norway Shipmail" Collection of Dr. Louis will be auctioned by Corinphila in Zürich on 8 June 2017. See the website or ask for more information by sending an email message to