24.05.2017 - Special MICHEL Catalogue French Colonies and Territories (1st edition, 2017)

(Unterschleissheim, Germany) The wish of many collectors has recently been fulfilled by German publisher Schwaneberger Verlag: there is now a special catalogue available, dedicated to the French Colonies and Territorities. The catalogue, titled ‘Französische Kolonien und Gebiete’, contains not only a compilation of the stamps issued for the French colonial and occupied territories, but also those of the French foreign post offices. The latter could already be found in the MICHEL volumes Europe 1 (French occupation of Hungary), Europe 2 (French occupation areas of the First World War, French foreign post offices and the general issues for the French colonies), Europe 4 (French Occupation in Turkey), as well as in the Overseas Volumes North America, Caribbean Islands Parts 1 and 2, South America Part 1, North Africa, East Africa, West Africa Parts 1 and 2, Central Africa, Australia Parts 1 and 2, South Asia, Southeast Asia and North Arabia. So the new catalogue deals with the information that up to now only could be gathered from no less than 18 different MICHEL volumes, starting from the first edition of Réunion (1851) until the present day. Also to be found are those issues that appeared for or in the areas that are still under French administration: French territories in Antarctica, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, St. Pierre and Miquelon and Wallis and Futuna.
In the past few years, the stamps of the French regions are showing steady increases in value. A remarkable example is Michel number 214 of Mayotte, which up to now was valued at 20 eurocents, but now has been valued at € 300.
The issues of the French Colonies are a real classic international collection area. In the new catalogue, the collectors of this area are treated to an overview of no less than 160 years of worldwide philately. Thanks to this new Michel Volume, it is no longer necessary to acquire the above-mentioned 18 different MICHEL catalogues.
The hard-cover catalogue counts 736 pages, around 9.500 illustrations and approximately 50,000 price quotations. The catalog is available in quality book stores and via the internet (; it costs 89 Euro.