19.05.2017 - Sensational prices paid for German stamp showing design error

(aw/wm) The most recent e@uction held by the German auctioneer Ulrich Felzmann was a great success. Participation in the auction was possible via the Internet, but also ‘live’ at the stamp exhibition held in Essen (Germany). The interest was enormous, thanks to the fact that the latest non-issued German stamp came under the gavel. It concerned a used Christmas Greetings stamp showing the design error “Kerstfest” instead of “Kerstfeest”. Also a complete mini-sheet containing ten of the faulty stamps in mint never hinged condition was offered.
The auctioneer Ulrich Felzmann has some experience when it comes to selling non-issued stamps like the ones that were on offer in Essen: earlier, he also auctioned some copies of the famous, never issued Audrey Hepburn stamps, a stamp that was withdrawn because the film star was depicted whilst smoking a cigarette, something that allegedly offended the family of the late Hepburn.
Felzmann was aware of the fact that there would be a huge interest in the “Kerstfest” stamps, but even he was surprised by the outcome. In his e@uction, the used copy of the faulty stamp yielded 1.500 Euros. The complete mini-sheet of ten stamps went for 27.500 Euros to its new owner.