17.05.2017 - FIP critics create a special website

(wm) The Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP) is the official international organisation for national stamp collectors' associations. At the moment, 95 national associations from all over the world are a member of the FIP. The organisation has been dominated for some time now by the Asian associations. Many members have, in the past, uttered criticism on the leadership of the Federation. In spite of this criticism, things hardly have been improved, in the view of certain people. These persons, who call themselves "Friends of the FIP", try to break the impasse. They have created a website (address: that points out certain grievances in relation to the activities of the FIP, and they suggest that solutions will be found to solve the problems that they experience. The board of the FIP has been notified of the website and its contents. The AIJP supports the approach of the ‘Friends of the FIP’, because it is convinced that the FIP, when it comes to its treatment of philatelic literature, modern communication and responsible journalism, still seems to be lingering in a kind of "Stone Age". The FIP itself delivers proof of this on its website