15.05.2017 - Mega loss for PostNord

PostNord, the joint postal company of Denmark and Sweden, has performed very poorly in the year 2016; the company is facing huge losses. Denmark participates for 40 percent in PostNord, Sweden for 60 percent.
PostNord has reported a loss of 1,012 million Swedish kronor for the year 2016, which corresponds to approximately 105 million euros. The company has stated that the fast digitalization in Denmark has caused the poor results. As a result, less mail was transported and delivered.
PostNord will react to the bad results by reducing the number of its employees. How many people will lose their jobs is not yet known. It is clear, however, that it will take several years for PostNord to be able to make a profit again.
Another result of the bad performance of PostNord is the increase of a number of postal rates. For example, the rate for a standard domestic letter or postcard was, until 1 April, 6.50 kronor. This has been changed into to 7.00 kronor. A letter outside Sweden or Denmark now costs 21 kronor; this used to be 19.50 kronor.