03.05.2017 - Peter Fischer's „Geschichte der Philatelie in der SBZ/DDR“ available from June 2017

(wm) Planning started already in 2001, but it took until the end of 2016 to complete the research for Peter Fischer’s major work titled „Geschichte der Philatelie in der SBZ/DDR“. It’s no wonder that it took so long: there was a manuscript of thousand pages and nearly as many photographs and other pictures had to be created or edited.
The first of the two volumes – containing about 500 pages – will appear in June 2017. Volume 2 is expected to be issued in September 2017, during the German Philatelic Day in Wittenberg.
The first part of the encyclopaedia describes the new beginnings of philatelic activity in the Soviet Occupation Zone (SBZ) from 1945 on. The development of the creation of an umbrella organisation for the individual philatelic associations in Eastern Germany, under the responsibility of the "Kulturbund" from 1949 is also described. The same goes for the activities of the GDR’s “Philatelistenverband” (1969-1990). Part 1 also describes the organizational structure, the international contacts and the way exhibitions were set up and how jurors funtioned.
Volume 2 deals with, among other topics, youth philately, public relations and further philatelic. Key words are auditors, experts, exchange, trade, auctions, the Deutsche Post, awards, biographies and the philatelic history of the GDR.
Both volumes will have a large format (hardbound), and will be printed in high quality paper. The set of two fits in the renowned series "Chronik der Deutschen Philatelie". Each of the two volumes will cost 65 euros. Thanks to contributions from private persons, companies, auction houses and a non-profit foundation it is, however, possible to acquire both parts for an even lower price. If you order the set before the end of June 2017, you only pay 60 euros per volume. The circulation of the book is very low: only 100 copies will be made. They are not available in bookstores, but you can order them directly if you contact the German publisher Phil*Creativ Verlag (Vogelsrather Weg 27, 41366 Schwalmtal, Germany). Fax: 02163/30003, E-Mail Delivery will follow after your payment has been made.