26.04.2017 - Niger conducts philatelic campaign against drug abuse in sports

It's perhaps a bit late, but never too late to mention it: last year, the postal administration of the African Republic of Niger issued two miniature sheets that warn against the use of drugs in sports. A noble goal, of course. But it is noteworthy that Niger hasn’t shied away to name some of the culprits, complete with their portraits. The first stamp sheet for instance shows Shane Warne, Maria Sharapova and Yulia Efimova, who were in the past caught on the use of prohibited resources. Also the horse Encke is shown, apparently also a user of unauthorized stimulants.
The second miniature sheet is reserved completely for the cyclist Lance Armstrong, who has a notorious past as an athlete who has been using prohibited resources. Whether Lance will be happy with his own stamp sheet? Very doubtful, in our opinion.