19.04.2017 - MICHEL releases Europe Volume 1 (Central Europe) 2017

(wm) From a pure numerical view, MICHEL’s Europe Catalogue Volume 1 (Central Europe) is the oldest title in the impressive row of MICHEL catalogues, published by Schwaneberger Verlag. On the cover of the most recent version of the catalogue (MICHEL-Europa-Band 1) it is proudly mentioned that it concerns the 102nd edition of this volume. Many philatelists will know that the first edition of MICHEL’s Europe catalogue appeared in 1910: at the time, it was a rather unimpressive booklet, very small and also very thin. But that was very explainable: the number of stamps that had been issued was also a bit diminutive. Since then, the editions of Europe Catalogue appeared regularly, but due to the turmoil of the Second World War and as a result from the rather chaotic post-war period, the edition numbering of the catalogue had to be interrupted for many years. One thing is very clear: the current Europe Catalogue has a total different look than its predecessors. You will find proof for this in the number of pages of Volume1 (1,312 overall), in the number of price quotations (75.000) and in the number and appearance of the illustrations (17.000 pictures, mostly in color).
MICHEL’s Europa-Band-1 2017 presents the stamps of the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, UNO (Geneva and Vienna administration) and Western Hungary. You can purchase the catalogue for 69.80 Euro.
Many users of a new catalogue will have a first glance at the price development of their precious collections. Therefore, it is worth mentioning that there areas that show an upward movement, pricewise. Especially a number of the first day covers of Liechtenstein, some perforation varieties that can be found by Austrian stamps and also a number of issues of the Austrian Levante issues. Even a certain world leader will be satisfied, because the stamp ‘70th birthday of the Dalai Lama, an Austrian stamp that should have been in 2005, but was retracted due to political reasons (Michel Nr. IX) now has a clear price tag. The editors of the MICHEL catalogue value this ‘non-émis’ at 800 Euro for a single, mint never hinged copy and at 8,000 Euro for a complete mini-sheet of ten stamps.