07.04.2017 - MICHEL-Rundschau: 60 years old, and now better than ever

(Unterschleißheim, Germany) Sixty years after the publication of its first edition, the renowned German magazine ‘MICHEL-Rundschau’ is still going strong. It will be even better than before. Attention will be given to important focal points, the circulation will be increased and numerous translations will be offered for the convenience of the subscribers, philatelists that live in more than 80 countries all over the world.
On 1 October 1956 the numerous customers of MICHEL found a pleasant surprise in their mailboxes: not just the usual supplement to their catalogues, but a new publication, called 'MICHEL-Rundschau'! Thanks to four additional pages, the newcomer could provide additional information. Not only about new issues (information that the subscribers needed to keep their catalogues up-to-date), but also specialist articles, market reports and the announcement of important philatelic events.
Almost 60 years after the introduction of ‘MICHEL Rundschau’, the magazine will experience an important renovation, a decision that will of course be discussed in one of the upcoming editions of the ‘Rundschau’. In future, the editorial team of the MICHEL catalogues will see to it that the subsequent issues of ‘MICHEL Rundschau' will contain information that relates more strongly to the appearance of the MICHEL catalogues in the same period. The focus of the magazine will also be of a more thematic or topical kind. And there will be translations of the main story of the magazine in various relevant languages.
This april - traditionally the month in which MICHEL’s first Europe Volume ('Central Europe') will appear, the first signs of the makeover of ‘Rundschau’ will be visible. The honour of delivering the kickoff goes to Switzerland. This ‘Country of the Confederates’, of which the issues can be found in MICHEL’s 'Mitteleuropa 2017', will be in the spotlights of the edition of ‘MICHEL Rundschau’ that will be published at about the same time.