27.03.2017 - MICHEL announces new publication dates of upcoming stamp catalogues

(wm) 7 April 2017 is the first day MICHEL’s new specialized Germany catalogue ("Deutschland-Spezial 2017") can be bought. The catalogue consists, as usual, of two volumes. Together the two volumes comprise over 2,600 pages! The selling price per volume is 88 euros.
The new catalogue ‘MICHEL-Mitteleuropa’ (the first volume of MICHEL’s Europa catalogue series) has about the same extent as Volume 1 of the specialized Germany catalogue (it will have, according to the publisher, have approximately 1.280 pages), but it costs considerably less: 69.80 euro.
The publication date for the updated issue of MICHEL’s specialised Zeppelin- and Airmail catalogue (‘Zeppelin und Flugpost-Spezial 2017’, approximately 550 pages, selling price 89 Euro) has been changed: this catalogue will appear on 11 May 2017.
Also on 11 May 2017 the topical catalogue ‘Schiffe – Ganze Welt’ ('Ships - Whole World') will be published. It concerns the second edition of this catalogue; it will be available exclusively in digital form, as a PDF file that has been copied to a USB stick. The reason is that this catalogue is very comprehensive (2,000 pages). The USB stick will cost 69,80 Euro.