22.03.2017 - MICHEL presents its new East Africa Catalogue 2017

(wm) Part two of volume 4 of Michel’s series of abroad catalogues (‘Uebersee-Katalog 4.2, Ostafrika) has been launched recently. The catalogue, which contains 720 pages, can now boast of its 40th edition. As usual, major parts of the catalogue have been thoroughly revised. Price notations have been adjusted, data have been updated and useful additions (e.g. new full colour images) were made. The catalogue now contains over 8,000 illustrations, the more modern ones all in full colour. The number of price quotes lies around 50,000.
This volume includes the issues of the British Indian Ocean Territory, Burundi, Kenya, Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Tanzania and Uganda. Those collectors who obtain their information exclusively from the Internet will certainly look in vain for certain "issues" of the countries mentioned. The editors of the catalogue explain these ‘gaps’ as follows: "These colorful pieces of paper carry various country names, like Madagascar or Ruanda, but they are not real postage stamps, just phantasy prints to the detriment of the collectors. They have nothing to do with the countries whose names they bear, not even with the postal administrations of these countries." This clear statement of the Michel staff must be taken seriously, because Michel only catalogues stamps that have been officially issued. Michel invests a lot of time and effort (this in close coordination with the Universal Postal Union) identify every bogus issue, in the interest of both collectors and stamp dealers.
As far as the price quotations and their development are concerned, the picture is quite confusing, just like the issuance policy of many of the countries mentioned above. In the case of the Comoros and Rwanda there has been a time that there were hardly any limits to the abundance of their stamp issues. These days, these countries have a more reserved issue policy, but countries like Tanzania and Buru
ndi still excite the feasible. Exceptions are the Seychelles, Mauritius and Kenya, countries that issue few new postage stamps, issues that are mostly country-related and thus deserve to be recommended.
The retail price of Michel’s East Africa catalog 2017 is 89 euros. You will find more information on the site of the publisher of the catalogues, Schwaneberger Verlag (