13.03.2017 - Hawaiian website introduces children to philately

(lsn) The website of the American stamp magazine Linn’s Stamp News reports about an interesting initiative, reported by William F. Sharpe. When Sharpe and his wife went to the Post Office of Kihei (Hawaii) to send some postcards to ‘the folks at home’ - they parked their car behind an automobile that had a sticker on its bumper that read: I’d rather be collecting stamps. When a gentleman got out of this car, William used this occasion to ask him if he was a stamp collector. Yes, indeed, I am a collector, told the man, whose name was Robert W. Martin. And he proceeded to tell William and his wife about his activities in collecting, including running a website for young collectors. Martin proved to be a volunteer at public elementary schools, to introduce children to stamp collecting. He said that stamp collecting is rich in history and covers virtually every topic, from cartoons to famous actors, politicians, cars, trains, planes, boats, motorcycles, dinosaurs, kings and queens, princes and princesses, historical events, plants, animals, and so much more.
His website is a fine example of how children can get acquainted with philately. Robert Martin publishes also a monthly newsletter, called the Philatelikid. It is available to read or download online. Back issues also are available. The address of the website that he maintains is