10.03.2017 - Republic of Poland honors Rainer von Scharpen

(wm) Many members of the AIJP will know that Rainer von Scharpen acts as Secretary-General of their organization. He is also the person responsible for the department Research and Literature of the Association of German Philatelists (BDPh). On 16 March, Rainer will receive the Polish Golden Cross of Merit for his services to the city of Gdańsk. This is not about his outstanding philatelic work, but about his charitable commitment. For decades, Rainer von Scharpen, who was born in Sopot/Gdansk on 22 August 1941, has been organizing charities in Gdansk.
Already in 2005 Von Scharpen became a knight of the "Palmes Académiques", in recognition for the fact that over a period of 35 years he contributed to the exchange of students between Germany and France. Seven years later, on 2 April 2012, he was awarded the German Federal Cross for his 30-year social commitment to the city of Danzig. And now he will receive another important award, the Polish Golden Cross of Merit. This decoration has been introduced in 1923; it can be awarded in different grades, the highest of which is the Golden Cross. The latter has been awarded 161 times, and so far only five German persons are on the list. In the middle of March, Scharpen will be driving his is driving his 111th aid transport to Gdansk. His award is therefore a deserved recognition of his very special social activities, and the AIJP wishes to congratulate him heartily with the high honor that will be bestowed on him on 16 March.

Left: the Golden Cross of Merit of Poland. Right: Rainer von Scharpen