27.02.2017 - Convincing counterfeits of American Love Stamps offered on eBay

(lsn) On eBay, the American stamp magazine ‘Linn’s Stamp News’ reports, highly convincing counterfeits of the 2015 United States Love stamps are being sold. The magazine writes that an eBay user, Uttam Singha of New York, bought the falsifications from an eBay seller called “essoclubtiger”. Singha purchased a total of 16 counterfeit panes from “essoclubtiger”: four panes of the 2015 Love Stamps and 12 panes of the 2015 Rose and Heart stamps. ) from a seller on eBay whose user name is “essoclubtiger” and who seems to operate out of Conyers. He sold the stamps for prices of $35.41 (Love Stamps) and $34.79 (Rose and Heart Stamps) respectively. The seller stopped selling the counterfeits on 14 January of this year. It seems, however, that other persons are also selling the fraudulent issues. As of 7 February 2017, Linn’s identified two other eBay sellers who were offering counterfeit U.S. Love stamps: “daveproductions” in Westfield, N.J., and “finch86987” in Flushing, N.Y. Both were selling individual lots of 25 panes of 20 (500 stamps total).
The false stamps can be identified in various ways. Genuine stamps glow yellow-green under shortwave UV light; counterfeits appear bluish under shortwave UV light. The perforation measure of the genuine stamps is gauge 11, that of the counterfeits gauge 11¼. Genuine stamps show a clear “2015” year date at top right; on the counterfeit red stamp the year date is barely visible, even under magnification. The letters of the text “USA FOREVER” on the genuine stamps are thin; they are thick on counterfeit stamps.
If you wish to know more about the counterfeits you can visit the website of Linn’s Stamp News: click here