06.02.2017 - New publication of Dr. Wolf Hess about Cuba’s so-called Triangle Trade

(wm) Dr. Wolf Hess has published (inspired by the postal history collection of R. Pichs in the possession of the San Carlos Institute of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Key West) a book about Cuba’s so-called Triangle Trade. Its very long title: ‘Kuba – der Dreieckshandel. Postgeschichtliche Betrachtung früher nationaler Schiffsverbindungen über den Nordantlantik von, nach und über Kuba bis zu seinem Eintritt in den Allgemeinen Postverein 1877‘. The publication describes the development of the North Atlantic Post from, to and via Cuba. Since he did not want the subject to become too broad, so the author deliberately adheres to the motto 'Triangle Trade' as formulated by R. Pichs: the connection between Cuba/Spain, the United States and England as it took place in the 18th and 19th century. The publication ends when Spain/Cuba enters the UPU.
Until the mid-forties of the nineteenth century, Cuba was the most important hub for the international trade in the Caribbean, until St. Thomas took over this function gradually. The first communication between Cuba and Spain was made possible by the establishment of a post office in Cuba. After that, there were the different ship lines between Spain and Cuba, and also those lines maintaining correspondence with the United States of America and England. The author aims to achieve an almost complete listing of the relevant data – and he has come very close to this goal. The hand stamps and various tariffs that are relevant to the subject are presented by him as completely as possible. He also reveals a number of recent discoveries that concern the use of new or adapted hand stamps. The postage stamps that were issued during this period are discussed only marginally, since they do not play a prominent role in this case.
The author is an acknowledged expert in the field of postal history. Thanks to his book, which is in German, we can, for the first time, get an insight into the early development of national ship connections across the North Atlantic from, to and via Cuba. As said: the time span of the book is limited: it ends with the entry of Cuba/Spain into the UPU in 1877. The work is richly illustrated in color and it contains not only numerous tables, but also a large number of appealing and meaningful covers that illustrate the author’s story. The book is, as far as its layout is concerned, perfectly designed.
Format DIN A4, 175 pages (color), many illustrations. Hardcover, selling price 29.80 Euro plus p&p (buyer’s share of the cost: 5 Euro). You may contact Phil*Creativ Verlag, Vogelsrather Weg 27, 41366 Schwalmtal, telephone +492163/30777, fax 02163/30003, e-mail