23.01.2017 - A positive vision for the future of philately

(wm) It seems to be an everlasting question: will there be a future for philately, taking in account the many problems our hobby is facing nowadays? Many stamp collector’s clubs, associations and other groups of people who are enjoying philately have posed this question, and they did this also in the past year. In other words: ‘Quo Vadis, philately?’
Don’t think, however, that this is something of our times only. The same question (‘Is there still a future for philately’) can be found in one of the early editions of the German publication ‘Magazin für Briefmarken-Sammler‘. Mind you: we are talking about the edition of July 1863! Since then, this question has been posed again and again, in one form or another. In recent years the question was posed with increasing skepticism.
Perhaps it helps to maintain a more positive stance when we cite Albert Friedemann, a legendary researcher and expert who wrote in 1929: "Stamp collecting will always have a healthy future, as long as there are stamps and as long as there are people who love to collect them. [..] The joy that one experiences when he or she is collecting stamps has to be regarded as a special gain for one’s life."

Source: Die Basler Taube, No. 9, Volume 1; May 1929, page 187

Albert Friedemann in 1924, as portrayed by the ‘Bayerische Händler-Zeitung‘ (from the WM Archive)