09.01.2017 - Latest edition of Der Bote (issue nr. 58) now available

(wm) In the most recent issue of “Der Bote” (nr. 58), a publication of the German study group "Tag der Briefmarke", eleven short reports and documentations can be found. The contributions all deal with the creation and development of various events presented as “national days of the postage stamp”. It concerns Palestine, Brazil, the United States of America, Croatia, Austria, Angola and Germany. All in all the publication counts 80 pages; it can be purchased for 7.50 Euro (dispatch within Germany included). “Der Bote” can be obtained from the Chairmen of the study group “Tag der Briefmarke”, Claus Bellgardt, Hülsdonker Straße 40, 47441 Moers (Germany), telephone ++(0)49 28 41/25 641; e-mail: Further information can be found on the website