23.12.2016 - Even Santa needs help sometimes

(sp) Thousands of children in many countries write a letter to Santa each year, along with their Christmas greetings or gift wishes. That’s a lot of work, also in Switzerland! For many years, Swiss Post has put together a specially formed and experienced Christmas team to help Santa during this busy time. The team comes to an agreement with Santa and sends each child a small gift with a card in a reply letter on his behalf. Last year, Santa received over 20,000 letters at his Christmas branch – from all over Switzerland and abroad.
This year, too, Swiss Post was glad to lend a team of staff to help him answer children’s letters: all letters addressed to Santa are sorted by the five-person Swiss Post team according to language, addressed and a small gift and Christmas story enclosed and prepared for return, complete with festive franking and packaging. A special Christmas stamp and the postmark of the Berne-Bethlehem post office (s. picture) decorate each and every reply. For over 60 years now, Swiss Post has helped Santa to sort these Christmas letters and make sure that as many children as possible receive a reply.

This is the last news item in the AIJP’s regular column 'Aktuelles’ (‘Latest’) of the year 2016. The next one will be published in the new year. The AIJP wishes all its members and of course all other philatelists reading this message a healthy and happy 2017!