21.12.2016 - USPS: repeated stamp quickly discovered

(lsn/ak) In its edition of 12 December 2016, the American stamp magazine “Linn’s Stamp News” showed a picture of a pane with twelve stamps, dedicated to the hundredth birthday of the painter Andrew Wyeth. The pane will be issued in July 2017. There was something strange about the stamp pane as depicted by “Linn’s Stamp News”: one of Wyeth’s paintings seemed to be featured twice. A design error, that luckily was discovered before the stamps were issued. The United States Postal Service (USPS) distributed a new image of the Wyeth stamp pane, this time – as intended – showing twelve different paintings. It concerns the following paintings: Wind from the Sea (1947), Big Room (1988), Christina’s World (1948), Alvaro and Christina (1968), Frostbitten (1962), Sailor’s Valentine (1985), Soaring (1942-50), North Light (1984), Spring Fed (1967), The Carry (2003), Young Bull (1960), and My Studio (1974).

On the left the faulty stamp pane, on the right the corrected version.