14.12.2016 - Rarities from Mauritius under the gavel of David Feldman!

(wm) To be honest, philatelic connoisseurs had expected a bit more. Didn’t David Feldman (former owner of the well-known auction house) state, during LONDON 2015, that an auction result of about ten million Dollars seemed? We are talking of course about the sale of the original printing plate of the first postage stamps of Mauritius, those with the inscription ‘Post Office’. Perhaps Dave Feldman was carried away by so much history in such a small object. Anyway, in the special, excellently made catalogue that was composed to support the sale of the historic printing plate the estimate was already much lower: two to three million euros. And the same applied to the starting price: one million euros. Eventually, the printing plate yielded a bit more than 1,320,000 euros (provision included).
The auction of the legendary "Bombay Letter" showed a similar result. This letter shows two copies of the 1 d. stamp in red with the 'Post Office' inscription, a very attractive cover that in any collection will have an effect that is hardly to be surpassed. For this rarity also a special, beautifully crafted catalogue was made. In the catalogue, the value of the letter was estimated at between 3 and 5 million euros. The starting price at the auction was two million euros. In the end, the letter yielded 2.4 million euros (provision included). It meant that, contrary to popular belief, this unique letter had not experienced any appreciable increase in value. Both rarities were sold unnamed anonymous bidders.
In a press release published on 3 December 2016, the auction house reported that the atmosphere in the auction room was rather tense. In the end, however, Feldman was glad to see that the Mauritius rarities both had found a new, appropriate home, since they had been sold to well-known collectors.

The Mauritius rarities that were auctioned by Feldman (image courtesy of David Feldman, Onex)