05.12.2016 - New York Stamp Show 2016: only 20,000 visitors

(wm) In the run-up to the New York Stamp Show 2016, held at the Javitts Congress Center in New York from 28 May to 4 June 2016, high expectations were aroused. A total of around 150,000 visitors seemed to be possible. The reality, however, did by no means keep pace with such a dream scenario.
On 13 November 2016, Wade Saadi, President of the Organizing Committee, announced the actual figures. This happened after critical voices had been heard for months, especially from circles of British stamp dealers. These voices spoke of a very moderate visit, far behind all expectations. And that proved to be true: the exhibition attracted only 23,017 visitors! A specification learns that there were 2.530 registrations for groups of school children; 10,094 online registrations were recorded on the exhibition’s website; a further 7,738 visitors completed the registration form at the exhibition location, whilst 2,380 + 275 free tickets were handed out to VIP’s (FIP officials, judges, commissioners, exhibitors, guests, etc.).
Saadi emphasized that the visiting figures of New York Stamp Show 2016 are much more accurate and reliable than those of other major philatelic events, because every visitor was counted only once. Saadi described his view on the results of New York Stamp Show 2016 as follows: "The great majority of stamp dealers who were there had a fantastic show; they were very satisfied with their sales. Exhibitors of all kinds were very pleased with the offered exhibition events. Press reviews were laudatory and the exhibition has helped to bring the hobby forward."

Picture: entrance of New York World Stamp Show 2016 (photo: Wolfgang Maassen)