29.02.2016 - Hand-drawn Bauhaus picture postcard exceeds all expectations

(wm) Earlier this month, the German auction house Stade of Grenzach-Wyhlen brought an ‘artist’s picture postcard’ under the gavel. The skilled auctioneer decided to start with a courageous upset price: 1,000 euros. But then the bidding went through the roof, ending at a remarkable 7.500 euros. Ultimately, the buyer had to pay around 9.000 euros for the postcard. The auctioneer, Daniel Stade, later admitted to have reckoned with a final yield of three to four thousand euros; he was stunned by the final bid.
About twenty years ago, a normal stamp collector found the picture postcard in an approval lot; the price was 30 marks (about 15 euros). The collector was charmed by the card, because of the exceptional modern drawing. He bought the card, put it in a box and then forgot all about it.

Two decades later, his son spotted the card. He suggested to submit the card to the expertise of a professional. After all, the card was hand-drawn, so it might have an "artistic" origin and a subsequent value. The auctioneer Daniel Stade was contacted and he immediately agreed to include the card in his upcoming auction. Stade did some research, finding out the probable name of the artist who drew the card (someone called 'Werner', according to the backside of the card): Werner Graeff from the famous Bauhaus School in Weimar.
Stade decided on an upset price of 1.000 euros, which seemed rather overconfident. But Stade had not that much doubts: he knew what potential such an item could have. And he was right: a seemingly insignificant discovery costing only 30 marks turned out to be a impressive highlight that yielded 7.500 euros (auction costs excluded). It shows, once again, that when you have the right knowledge (and also a little luck) spectacular auction results are possible. And it does not always have to be a Picasso!