19.10.2015 - Rare Chinese invert yields 149.500 US$

Last month, Cherrystone held one of its auctions of Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World. Some exceptional Chinese rarities came under the gavel, the most impressive perhaps a 1923 stamp surcharged in red on the first Peking printing: 2 Cts on 3c blue-green, with the surcharge inverted.
The error is a fine example of a very rare variety; it has a deep bright colour with centring to the bottom (which is characteristic for this issue) and came from position 19 of the complete sheet. The invert still has its full original gum, be it that it is partially dried and streaky. The variety has been examined by Holcombe in 1996, who delivered a certificate stating that the stamp is ‘a very rare variety of which under 20 copies are recorded to date’.
The scarcity of the stamp was reflected during the auction, where it fetched no less than 149.500 US$.