02.10.2015 - NVPH (NL) presents its 75th Specialised Catalogue

(rh) On 28 September 2015 the seventy-fifth edition of the specialized catalogue of the postage stamps of the Netherlands and its overseas territories, published by the national stamp dealers’ organisation NVPH, was presented. This happened at the Museum for Communication in The Hague. The catalogue will be on sale from 14 October, together with a free, separately bound copy of the Dutch Plate Flaws Catalogue (2nd edition). As always, the new catalogue contains some one-off chapters, this time dedicated to the so-called kleinrondstempels (a certain type of hand stamps) and the ‘kinderbedankkaarten’ (‘thank-you’ cards for volunteers selling surcharged children’s stamps). The hardback catalogue contains nearly a thousand pages and costs 33.90 euros (Netherlands).

Picture: Rob Smit, chairman of the catalogue committee of the NVPH, presents the new catalogue (photo: René Hillesum).