11.09.2015 - Spectacular philatelic discovery in Germany

(ho) For more than 100 years, philatelists collecting Germany have been looking for it: the ‘Germania’ stamp of 2 Mark with a quatrefoil watermark (Michel Number 152Y). The said watermark is relatively common for a ‘Germania’ stamp with a face value of 1 1/4 Mark, but things are different for a stamp of 2 Mark: so far only three used copies with a quatrefoil watermark have been discovered. In the Germany catalogue of Michel a used copy of a 152Y stamp is valued at an impressive 50.000 euros. Anyone looking for a notation for a unused never hinged 152Y will do so in vain; no price is given by Michel.
It was therefore a true stroke of luck that a collector specialised in German philately, living in North Rhine-Westphalia, browsed his collection and found exactly this stamp. The stamp had been slumbering for many years in one of his albums. Experts have examined it, declared it genuine and authentic and have attested its uniqueness.
The auction house AIX-PHILA in Aachen will have the honour of bringing this rarity under the gavel. It will certainly adorn the title page of the 57th auction, that will be held in November 2015. The starting price is rather modest: 20.000 euros.