04.01.2013 - A new magazine for philatelic literature buffs and historians
Having published several books under the heading ‘Chronik der deutschen Philatelie’ (‘History of German Philately’), its author, Wolfgang Maassen (picture), now has set his sight on the publication of a new professional magazine.

The journal will be devoted mainly to philatelic literature, but also the past and present history of philately. The magazine will appear under the title 'PHILA HISTORICA’ (subtitle: Journal for Philatelic Literature and its History'), at irregular intervals, but certainly several times a year. Regardless of the number of pages, the digital version of the magazine (pdf file) will be available free of charge for everyone interested. Printed versions of the magazine can be easily produced by printing the pdf files, but the author/publisher is also prepared to provide a printed version of his publication against cost price. The magazine will not contain any advertisements, only editorial content.
The journal will focus deliberately on the limited circle of philatelists with a knack for research and it will cover themes with a connection to the history of German philately. There will also be room for valuable contributions (partly in English) from writers living in Germany and abroad. The publication will also pay attention to those current affairs that may chronicle philatelic history and it will emphasize matters regarding the care of philatelic literature. Results that were yielded during philatelic literature auction will be reported and there will also be room for news reports about various German philatelic libraries.
The first edition of ‘PHILA HISTORICA’ will be issued in the spring of 2013. Those people wanting to subscribe to the digital version of the magazine can already sign up by contacting the author on the e-mail address