07.11.2012 - New features and more pages in MICHEL’s cover catalogue
The new MICHE-Briefe-Katalog, dedicated to covers and letters, offers 1.274 pages in full-colour.

There are many changes and new features that make the new edition indispensable for collectors of covers, letters and other postal documents. A number of areas that have been introduced recently in MICHEL’s specialized Germany Catalogue can now be found also in this new publication. Wholly new is the chapter "Local Issues since 1945" and the catalogue now covers the ground up until the year 2012. For the first time an overview is included of the commemorative stamps until the year 1968 that were used as multiple franking, which in this case means more than two stamps on a letter.
According to the publisher there are many price changes to be found; even the catalogue itself demonstrates this, for the selling price is now 89 Euros (the previous edition, 2008/2009, contained 1.168 pages and was sold, at the time, for 20 Euros less). But price changes can also be found on the pages of the new catalogue. Mostly upward (due to the increased demand for the described items), but there are also examples to be found of a minor decline, especially letters from the early days of the Federal Republic Germany (BRD). The latter is not so strange, considering the downward path that loose stamps from the same period have taken.
The catalogue is professionally designed and looks attractive. Numerous illustrations have been replaced by better reproductions, although the chosen paper quality (matt) prevents the brilliance that can be found on the pages of its predecessor. Anyhow, the increased selling price (more than 25%, compared with the selling price of the edition of 2008) must be considered a bit hefty.