05.11.2012 - Schwanke offers
This year's edition of "Special Lots", presented by the German auctioneer Hans-Joachim Schwanke of Hamburg, has the motto "Travelling time".

The auction lots on offer include special items with a story to tell about of world travellers and explorers, undertakings and expeditions during the 19th Century.
Th. Ohlendorff of Hamburg travelled in 1841 to England, to study horticulture and landscaping. Ohlendorff would later design the Botanical Gardens of Hamburg, but he also managed to gather a fortune thanks to Guano manure, a natural product he transported with his own ships to Europe. In a letter he sent home he describes his impressions: a wonderful piece of evidence to reconstruct Hamburg's history! (€ 500)
In 1861 Richard Thornton, an English geologist, took part in the German "Kilimanjaro Expedition" organised by Baron von der Decken. Only one letter that was sent to him, addressed to Zanzibar, has been preserved; it documents how daring the expedition was (€ 5000).
After the Napoleonic Wars had ended, boredom hit the English fleet. We know from history that the British Navy than made patrol trips off the west coast of Africa, with the aim to intercepting the vessels of slavers and thus to suppress the slave trade. Auctioneer Schwanke has now on offer, from private correspondence, the first letter coming from ‘Prince Island’ (perhaps better known as ‘São Tomé e Príncipe’). (€ 2500).
In 1844, the Wynants Company maintained an express service between Boston and New York and issued its own stamps for the service. What could be more appropriate as an illustration for these stamps than a locomotive, symbol of progress and speed? And so, thanks to Wynants, the first stamp in the world with a railroad theme was born. A splendid letter franked with this issue will start at the auction for at least € 2500 (see picture). More information: