17.09.2012 - Postal delivery in Germany: differences between expectations and reality
At the moment, Deutsche Post AG is looking for ways to increase the standard postage rate from 55 cents to 60 cents.

Apparently the German post reckons it has a good chance to secure the increase with entrance from January 2013. On the other hand there are complaints that the German Post fails to meet the expectations and regulations with regard to its service level. The German television network NDR has broadcasted a report with the title ‘The Major Post Test – Revelations from our market reporters’. On 10 September of this year all over Germany letters were posted to see how soon German Post would deliver these items. Only 60 percent of the letters was delivered the next working day, considerably less than the 80 percent that are mentioned in the regulations that apply for the German Post. This means that there is a discrepancy between the actual figures and the data that are provided by German Post. The latter claims that 95 percent of all posted letters are reaching their destination after one working day.
Confronted with this remarkable difference German Post has shied away from its claim, saying: ‘We never intended to guarantee that all letters will arrive the next working day. This is rather a wish of our customers and we try to fulfil this wish. But we do not always succeed in this matter.’