28.08.2012 - Philately: Quo Vadis?
The German Association of Philatelic Organisations of Hesse, Rhein-Main-Nahe, tries to realise a reorientation in our difficult times.

One of the questions posed by the association is 'Is the BDPh (the national League of German Philatelists, Ed.) on its way to become an elitist’s organisation?'). To quote the Chairman of the Association, Prof. Dr. Erhard Mörschel (picture): "Modern communications, dwindling membership and the strong decline in grants received from the German Foundation for the Promotion of Philately and Postal History, something that is due to the current financial crisis, have a dramatic effect on the BDPh. They will lead to a significant increase in membership dues, that is: if, in future, we want to retain those services that we consider desirable or have grown accustomed to.’ One of the things Prof. Dr. Mörschel wants to know is whether the clubs that form the basis of the BDPh want to adapt to the course of the national organisation.
Both the President of the BDPh, Dieter Hartig, and the Chairman of the Association of Philatelists of North Rhine-Westphalia, Werner Mueller, will lecture about this topic. They see themselves confronted with the important question: ‘What exactly do the stamp collectors clubs expect from their regional organisation and from the BDPh?’ The discussion will be lead by Reiner Wyszomirski.
The forum takes place in the Erlenseehalle in Erlensee (Hesse, Germany) on Sunday 21 October 2012, at 13 h. (after a small lunch). The discussion is expected to end around 16.30 h. Lunch snack and coffee are free for the participants. You may contact Prof. Dr. Erhard Mörschel, Telephone ++[0]6411/6831, email: