22.08.2012 - Dissatisfaction amongst Austrian collectors
The famous question "Quo Vadis?" has been put to a number of Austrian stamp collectors.

It concerned a survey of the Viennese stamp collector’s club "Favoriten" and the results can be found in the latest issue of the club’s News Bulletin (No. 3/2012). For some, the answers that came in were rather disappointing. One of the complaints was that the Austrian Post presents an excessive number of new issues, some of them with "useless" nominal values. The survey also showed that a number of collector’s are annoyed by the various design errors that can be found on Austrian stamps. In recent years Austria Post has brought out between 53 and 60 new stamp issues annually, almost double the amount that appeared in 2001 (27 issues). In addition to the 53 new issues that came out in 2011, thirteen definitive stamps and four postal stationery items were issued. Another irritating fact - according to the collectors who took part in the survey - is that many of the new issues aren’t even available at various Austrian post offices.