08.08.2012 - IPHLA’s Cabinet Of Curiosities: ‘secrets’ revealed
When IPHLA 2012 opens its gates, what will be on display in the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’?

Rumors about the contents of the special exhibition '150 Years of Philatelic Literature’ in Germany have been plenty, but until July nobody outside the organisation knew exactly what to expect. Now those secrets have been disclosed and it has become clear that visitors to the literature exhibition in Mainz (Germany) will not be disappointed. Numerous bibliophile rarities – many of them never displayed publicly, will be present. Among them are exceptional items of the first rank, literally second to none. A detailed overview (the list will not be published in the official ‘IPHLA Book’) can be found on the website (click on the button ‘Neues vond der IPHLA’). Still, a second ‘secret’ has yet to be revealed: who is the mysterious owner of the exhibit that will be displayed in the so-called Treasure Cove of IPHLA 2012. The only information that has been disclosed is that it concerns a collection that has been gathered over a period of many decades, that the collection never has been exposed world wide and that the owner never has been active as a prominent exhibitor. The conclusion is that in more than one way the Treasure Cove of IPHLA 2012 will offer a world premiere. Therefore: visitors should not miss the opportunity to pay a visit to the ‘Schatzkammer’ of IPHLA!